Depending on your industry, what you store in your warehouse varies. Some are used to store chemicals, equipment, retail products, and more. But what every warehouse shares in common is that what it houses is valuable. The last thing you want is to put those goods at risk because of a bad security system that sets off too many false alarms or, worse yet, doesn’t sound the alarm at all. A great commercial security system for warehouses is essential.

If your warehouse doesn’t have a security system or one that meets only the bare minimum requirements, then it’s time to consider an upgrade. Or, any one of the following ten upgrades.

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1. Install Keyless Entry Systems

Can anyone walk into your facility? Sure, they might be greeted by a receptionist who can turn them away, but your average burglar isn’t going to stop at the front desk for a quick chat. Keyless entry systems are an essential part of commercial security for your warehouse. They ensure that without the right code, RFID card, or even the right fingerprint, you won’t be able to get inside.

2. Set Up Comprehensive Door Stations

Depending on the area that your warehouse is in, a simple keyless entry system just isn’t enough access control. You can give your warehouse commercial security system a boost by installing comprehensive door systems. For example, Axis Door Stations combine the power of keyless entry with surveillance cameras and remote open options. Now when someone comes to the door, your receptionist can speak to and see them without ever leaving her desk.

3. Use a Variety of Surveillance Cameras

Ready to get the right system installed? Get a free spec and quote for your  project.

Warehouses are typically not small buildings. They house large equipment or a lot of smaller goods. One or two types of surveillance cameras most likely won’t cut it. Wide-angle cameras are great to watch open spaces, while in confidential areas you may want a camera that will identify and track someone instead. If you’re considering both outdoor and indoor surveillance, you’ll need to adopt two different types of cameras. Outdoor cameras are set up for the bright light of the sun, dark of the evening, and have the durability required in all types of weather.

4. Keep Track of Every Employee

Internal threats are an unfortunate reality of the modern world. Unhappy employees can take out their frustration by vandalizing or stealing from the warehouse instead of discussing their issues with their superiors. Using people-counting cameras is a good way to keep track of which employee was where and when. You can also use keycards to track who was in what rooms. Requiring employees to swipe a card in every room may sound aggravating but is well worth it when you consider how it will track everyone’s movements. With new upgrades such as RFID bracelets, keyless entry systems are easier than ever.

5. Put Up Physical Barriers

Warehouses are busy places full of constant motion and reduced visibility. Separating your most valuable goods from the general hubbub of the building is a good idea. Erecting fences or cages inside your building may sound odd at first, but it’s a great way to cordon off more valuable items or historically vulnerable areas, like the loading dock.

6. Use a State-of-the-Art Alarm System

Too many false alarms can actually create robbery opportunities for your warehouse. After so many times, the police may stop prioritizing your building and could even start charging you for their wasted time. A good alarm system won’t be triggered by small animal movement but will instead correctly identify potential threats. For the best in warehouse commercial security, it’s a good idea to install window and door sensors as well as traditional alarm triggers.

7. Live Stream Your Security Camera Feed

Another way to cut down on false alarms is to allow you to check in on your security camera feed from anywhere. Remote access to your security camera live stream allows you to follow up on alerts or watch a suspicious individual who may be in your parking lot. With remote access to your commercial security cameras in your warehouse, you can check in during bad weather and keep an eye on any potential damage to your building.

8. Receive Alerts in Real-Time

If you were working your warehouse and an ex-employee appeared in your parking lot, would you want to know as soon as they showed up? Integrating alerts into your commercial security system for warehouses is a great way to stay a step ahead of a potential security threat. Your alarm system can integrate with any artificially intelligent security cameras. They can compare the people on your property with a database of known criminals and ex-employees that you’ve identified. As soon as a potential threat appears, you’ll receive a customized alert warning you of potential danger. Not all security cameras are enhanced with AI. However, with most security cameras you can set up motion sensor alerts, alarm trigger alerts, and door and window sensor alerts to keep you on top of what’s happening on your property.

9. Inspect Your Building Structure

Most warehouses are made out of hardy durable materials, such as concrete or steel. However, a crack or hole in your building exterior can easily become a hole in your commercial security for warehouses. A burglar could bypass your security system crawling in through a hole or splitting open a crack. Think of your building as defense number one against potential threats.

10. High-Quality Installation

You can have the best warehouse security- but if it’s installed wrong, then it’s worthless. You deserve great installation for your security system. High-quality installation includes avoiding blind spots for surveillance cameras, increased efficiency, protected cabling, and a fast wireless connection for all security system components.

You deserve to feel secure in your business. Great installation personnel is crucial in creating a secure warehouse. If you want to learn more about possible security systems for your warehouse, check out what Medlin can do for you on our security system information page.