Often when we think of business technology, we think only of our computers and servers. But technology is so much more. Digitized systems handle every aspect of your business on a day-to-day basis, from your security systems to your VoIP phones to your time-clocking equipment, your surveillance cameras, keyless entry cards and even your A/V systems.

That’s why it’s extremely important that you avoid tech troubles when you move to your new location. After all, no one can afford business disruption.

In order to plan for your successful, effortless move, use this guide from Medlin and remember to look over these three common stumbling blocks where tech transfers can go wrong.

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  1. Considering All The Proper Technology

Moving offices requires a lot of legwork on your end. You need to ensure that your new office includes all the best amenities, an open office floor plan, welcoming customer lobby, great daylight to enhance employee productivity…wait a minute, aren’t we forgetting something awfully important?

Ah, yes – the pieces that you’ll need to have up and running from a technological standpoint. Too many businesses tend to focus on many other aspects of the move without taking IT networks and other elements of system architecture into consideration. No wonder they’re dealing with headaches on that front well after the grand opening ribbon is cut.

Expert tip:
Take advantage of Medlin’s design team to ensure The Medlin System in your new location is in place and ready to perform brilliantly upon the transition. It’s a comprehensive network that brings together IT, phone systems, security systems and many other essential pieces that a new, added or upgraded location requires in order to operate like a real productivity machine. Since Medlin has the outstanding reputation of designing, implementing and testing so it’s done right the first time, you won’t have to worry about constantly bringing tech workers back for “buggy” areas to fix either.

  1. Planning the Timeline for Your Move

You’d be amazed at how many companies leave their tech moving plans until the last minute. However, knowing that many businesses don’t have a solid strategy in place to support their relocation, you probably wouldn’t be surprised at how many businesses end up with problems at their new offices – including the painful discovery that their new space isn’t equipped to handle the technology the business planned on using.

Fortunately, that kind of tech nightmare doesn’t have to happen to you. Medlin can implement a smooth process in which we keep your current system live while staging the new site. One of the most crucial steps in this phase involves Medlin pre-qualifying a site’s Internet bandwidth, preferably before you even sign the lease, so that you know the environment you’re about to enter can indeed accommodate your data network for years to come.

Expert tip:
Another key part of making a technology transition seamless is choosing the right telecom and cloud service provider. Medlin can help you customize a telecom and cloud integration strategy and then recommend the very best carrier from over 140 potential options to match your goals – and we stay completely supplier-neutral the entire time.

  1. Hiring the Right Movers

Just like a personal move where it’s important to hire the right professionals to keep your valuables safe on the journey from one house to another, you also need to hire bonded, insured and knowledgeable pros to move your tech equipment from one office location to another. In addition to grilling your movers about their plans for packing, moving and setting up your technology, ensure that they also have contingency plans for inevitable problems. Contingency planning is what separates the pros from the amateurs – and it’s what keeps your business running smoothly, no matter what.

Since technology runs so many parts of your modern business, it’s worth it to take the time to plan your move carefully and ensure that your IT works as soon as you open on the first day at your new location. After all, if your employees can’t get into the building and your phones, computers and POS systems don’t work either, you stand to lose a lot of money as you get your company back up and running.

Expert tip:
Having a tech moving team you can trust – like Medlin through our MedlinMove service – makes all the difference. Still, don’t forget how vital it is to protect your investment in this new location going forward. With so many new security risks that appear to pose threats all the time, having ongoing service support through Medlin Asset Protection (M.A.P.) will ensure you’re being proactive about upgrades and backups that strengthen your system on a consistent basis. Not to mention M.A.P. covers you for many other types of system maintenance too.

When moving offices, you need to trust that your technology will be handled by professionals who have the skills, knowledge and sensitivity to treat your valuable equipment with care. Luckily, you’ve just found those pros at Medlin. MedlinMove is more than getting your technology from place to place. It’s about covering the planning and implementation details to ensure everything just works.

Contact Medlin to turn the dreaded process of moving your technology into a simple process of flipping a switch on Day 1 at your new location. With Medlin, it really is that easy.

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