You’ve planned your goals for 2019 carefully- Now it’s time to make them happen. Make sure you provide your employees with the right environment for the best year yet. Better communication and security systems can help you meet your goals for the new year.

Keeping your employees safe, your building secure, communication easy, and creating a great customer experience are wonderful investments for the new year.

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Deck the Halls with Surveillance Cameras

Upgrading or installing new surveillance cameras can have huge benefits for the safety and security of your building and employees. Whether you work in a retail store or an office park, thefts and burglaries can happen to anyone. It’s important to be prepared in the new year.

When they’re installed correctly, surveillance cameras can act as a theft deterrent and make your building a much harder target for criminals. It’s also important to know who is coming into your building. Axis Video Surveillance provides you with facial recognition to alert you to known criminals or ex-employees who may be entering your building. Thermal imaging means that nighttime doesn’t render your cameras useless- instead they still provide high-quality thermal images.

Not only do surveillance cameras deter crime, but high quality products from Axis also provide first responders with much needed evidence in the event of a burglary. Having cameras in your parking lot can lead to the arrest of a car thief or mugger. In the event of a security incident, your employees want to feel like you have their backs. If something were to occur, one of the best ways to stand by your employees and your business is to help with the capture of the criminals. Security cameras can help you be there for your business, employees, and community.

Installing your security cameras correctly is another good investment for the new year. Surveillance cameras are useless if they’re blocked by shrubbery, light sources, or are easily within reach of vandals. Quality installation of your security cameras is just as important as buying a quality camera. Make sure that your installer knows about cabling protection. Cables out in the open are prone to weather damage and vandalism. Surveillance cameras should be installed near the ceiling or side of the building to provide easy places to hide the cables.


Gift Yourself A New Phone System

When it’s difficult for your employees to communicate with each other or with clients, you’d be surprised at how much productivity you lose. A unified communication system means having all of your communication go through one easy to use system. Medlin Communications specializes in VoIP systems.

Voice. Data. With VoIP, everything you need is unified into one centralized system for easy access and convenient use. These telephone systems can be hosted in the cloud and are only going to become more mobile. The best part about VoIP systems is that Medlin can help you with future-proof planning for your phone system. VoIP is cutting edge. When you need a new phone system, don’t invest in a run of the mill system that will be taken over by newer technology in the next five years. VoIP will last well into the future so that you don’t have to waste money replacing a new system.

Avaya Chronicall is an add-on on-premise solution to Avaya IP Office that allows you to track and manage business calls, with over 50 different types of reports, recorded calls, customized dashboards for each agent. Chronicall tracks statistics for each call to show you just how productive you can become with a better communication solution. On top of standard reports, you can customize your reports to have the information you need.

Make measuring and optimizing your calls easy. It’s time to rethink your business call management.


Ready to get the right system installed? Get a free spec and quote for your  project.

Spice Up Your Conference Room

2019 is going to be about customer experience. What’s unique about your conference room? Do your clients say “wow” when they walk into your conference room? Or are they struggling to connect to your WiFi, unable to hook up to your presentation screen, and are having trouble listening to your presentation because of technical difficulties? Medlin Communication specializes in the behind-the-scenes work that makes every conference room great.

Every presentation that you give your clients is a performance. And if your AV equipment leaves your performance feeling lackluster, then it’s time to step it up. Great cabling allows for the best connectivity between your screens, audio, and your computer or mobile device. Medlin Communication works with Barco and Polycom to provide you with the ability to connect to your presentation via one easy USB port enabled device- or if you forgot your laptop, you can easily connect to your presentation screen via mobile app.

Medlin works with products like the ClickShare CSE-200 to give our clients the best of the best. As a wireless system, no cables, cords, or other hookups are needed to connect your laptop or mobile device to the presentation screen. Instead, a USB-based device, the ClickShare button, is easily plugged into a PC or Mac in order to share content. Forgot your laptop? No worries. Download the ClickShare mobile app and you’ll be able to share content right from your phone.

The CSE-200 even has three predefined levels of security so you don’t have to compromise your convenience for security.


Give 2019 Your Best

2019 is a new year. It’s time for your company to have some new systems too. With security, communication, and conference room upgrades you’ll increase employee productivity, decrease costs, and build a great client experience. Making 2019 a great year could be as simple as upgrading your key systems.

When you work with Medlin Communications, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward in 2019. We’ve been serving clients for over 30 years. Talk to us today about how we can serve you.