Your business is only as good as the systems that make your business run.

Having the right technology for your business can be overwhelming. Figuring out what systems you need to keep your business running smoothly may be the most complicated part. If you’re unsure where to start, take a look at our 4 Essential Medlin HaaS systems checklist.

Here are 4 Essential Medlin HaaS Systems you should focus on for your business

Priority #1: Building Security

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When it comes to building security, there are several questions that need to be answered. How safe is the area? What are the neighbors like? Not only do you want your customers to feel comfortable coming to your place of business at all times of day, but you want your office to be protected even when you’re not there. That’s why a security system should be the first priority on your list.

Businesses used to believe that security systems were merely a bonus and not mandatory. Now, times have changed. The FBI reports a burglary every 20 seconds. Criminals are becoming more daring than ever.

There’s a wide variety of security systems on the market, from simple entry-level cameras to the most complex wireless networks. Small businesses may want to set up a network of cameras linked wirelessly or by cabling. If you’re new to security systems, and just getting started, look for a heavy-duty and reliable system without the fancy bells and whistles. This will give you the security that you need without the price tag.

For larger companies that handle sensitive information, a more complex security system may be needed. Some of the most technologically advanced systems have cameras disguised in lightbulbs or smartphone-connected data that automatically sends you notifications. Some of these systems are even able to identify playing cards or tattoos.

Keyless entry, bio-metric and card access building solutions

Priority #2: Keyless Entry System

Restricting who enters and exits your building used to require a full-time security guard or a heavy set of keys. Losing one’s keys is always a hassle, and it can even be a security risk if the wrong person finds them. The solution? A keyless entry system.

When it comes to keyless entry systems, you have a few options. Some companies use the cloud, Wi-Fi, and even a smartphone app to allow employees to walk through the doors key-free. Don’t want your employees carrying their cellphones everywhere? There are options for you, too.

RFID bracelets have had a large presence in festivals but are just starting to make their way into the office. Employees wear these bracelets and touch a hardware access point, like a sensor, to gain access. This means no keys, no hassle, and they’re even hands-free. Only employees wearing a band will be able to access the building or certain spaces within it.

Priority #3: Voice and Video Communications

Your phone system can be a lifeline between your organization and your clients. However, the days of a traditional landline phone are over. Now voice, data, and CRM are all converging into one centralized hub. The good news? It can be very cheap, or even free.

What is a VoIP system? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a new way of making phone calls using the internet. Similar to Skype, if you have an internet-connected computer with speakers and a microphone, you can place a call. However, new VoIP systems do not have to be as unwieldy as an outside program.

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Installing one of these phone systems can actually be very easy. Our team of experts can evaluate your business needs to provide you with a cloud-based phone system solution.

Firewalls, VPN, and cat6 installation for network security

Priority #4: Data Network Connectivity

Your IT network plays a huge role in your office’s ability to function. Cloud servers can provide the ability to quickly gain access to mission-critical data and service your customers. Proprietary software applications need to be accessed for billing, service tickets, financial transactions, etc.

Because of this, it should be one of the first five systems you install.

The IT network can include security and a VoIP phone system. Besides that, you also need to make sure you have the correct IT equipment and data storage. You could be severely crippled in your day-to-day processes without a computer network in place that has enough storage for your company’s data.

Believe it or not, many new networks can be unreliable due to mistakes made pre-network and implementing and monitoring the network. Designing a corporate and guest wireless network can provide additional security for your mission-critical data while providing ease of use for visitors needing to access the web. But it’s all dependent on a proper plan.

In order to make sure you have a foolproof system implementation plan in place, call the experts from Medlin to have the appropriate data network set up for your business

Looking to improve your business? Medlin HaaS is the solution!

Your business pays one company once a month for all hardware, software, monitoring, and management of the technology Medlin installs. Gone are the days of having to purchase any hardware or IT equipment.

Medlin’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution has the financial benefit of converting a large capital expense into a more manageable operating expense. This can free up your cash flow and provide more working capital, which is critical to many enterprises. A fixed monthly cost also makes technology expenses budget-friendly.

Make Sure You Have an Excellent Systems Integration Team

Without a dedicated team of industry professionals to integrate your new office systems, you could find yourself without a properly flowing setup of business processes. Who integrates your technology systems is almost as important as what systems you choose to bring into your new office.

Medlin works with everyone, from small local businesses to national brands. Our expert IT team will partner with you to proactively ask about various aspects of your location’s system and share insights. Then, based on those findings, we’ll leap into action with a network of talent to tackle the problem now.

Come check out the Medlin HaaS System. A comprehensive overview of your system allows us to become your trusted partner – empowering you to select and install the right technology solutions.