Building access control systems are an integral component of building security – and, increasingly, they’re also pretty cool.

That’s because cutting-edge technology is empowering building access solutions to perform at higher levels than ever before and introducing “wow” factors in the process. Keyless entry is only the beginning. Today, your building access system should do so much more than open doors. From innovative interface design to remote monitoring, modern building access systems should be built with the future in mind to consistently keep your business secure.

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Here’s what your system should offer.

1.    Remote monitoring.

Remote monitoring capabilities are increasingly important for businesses looking to maintain consistent security while maintaining cost-efficiency.

With remote monitoring built into your building access control system, you’ll be able to view and manage real-time entry and exit activity – from anywhere at any time.

That means no more lockouts; people can be granted access as they need it, from any location. It means total peace of mind, as administrators can monitor any unusual behavior and grant or deny access accordingly. And it can even mean savings on security activity and personnel, as it often requires a smaller staff to administer remote monitoring solutions than it would to implement traditional building access measures.

Here’s the short of it: remote monitoring gives you peace of mind in the security of your building, no matter where you are. If your building access solution doesn’t equip you with this feature, you’re likely missing out.

2.    Easy integration with other systems.

A second important offering that any building access control solution should include is easy integration with other building systems.

Now, it’s true that, for lower-cost options, a standalone implementation may be sufficient. If your door controller is only effective for one entryway, for example, and if you’re using a key card solution, integration may not be of the highest priority.

For most businesses, though, integration is an important factor system effectiveness. Building access systems generate data – data on the levels of traffic at certain times per day, data on individual user entry and exit times, data on user group activity. Integrated correctly, building access systems and the data they generate can play major roles in boosting your business’s efficiency.

To start, this requires network integration, at the least, since to work in real-time access data must be communicated across the network.

Surveillance integration is perhaps the most obvious next step; your access solution should certainly play well with your existing security cameras, so that video of unauthorized entrants can be passed across systems and easily located should an incident happen.

But even systems like timesheet tracking solutions can ideally be integrated. Imagine if hourly employees no longer had to clock in or out but were signed in or out automatically upon entry or exit – accuracy would be improved, and costs made more efficient.

[Wait] -> Are you using technology to support and grow your business? You  should be.

The bottom line is that the more easily-integrable your access control solution is, the more effective it will be in improving your business’s function.

3.    Advanced encryption.

So, building access data is important – but it can also be vulnerable. Unprotected building access solutions can leave your business open to hacking or even unauthorized physical entry should systems be compromised.

That’s why your building access control system should use advanced encryption.

Essentially, encryption means that data is scrambled and can only be utilized (or unencrypted into a usable form) via a cipher. If you want peace of mind in the security of your access control, look for an encrypted solution.

4.    An intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Finally, your building access control system should be easy to use.

For all of the impressive and wide-ranging capabilities of modern access control systems, they’re useless if they’re not implemented and consistently administered. For that to happen, building access control systems should be intuitive.

Ideally, this means that they’ll rely on one interface – not on disparate hardware controls for each door controller, or multiple software platforms that require coordination to function properly. With one dashboard, access control gets much easier.

And if it’s easier to manage, it’s more effective in practice.

Looking for a building access control solution that checks all the boxes? solutions do it all.

Remote monitoring, easy integration, advanced encryption, and ease-of-use – solutions have everything you need and more.

The Pro Wireless product can wirelessly control up to 1,000 doors from one secure, wire-free installation, making access control easier than ever. And each door controller is easily integrated with existing building systems to give administrators incredible power and flexibility.

As you prepare your building for the future, don’t settle for a building access control system from the past. Today’s solutions should be equipped with cutting-edge features and benefits that will give you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Ready to bring the best access control to your building? Get in touch with us today to find out if a solution could be right for you.