From the rotary phone to the car phone to the landline to the smartphone, telecommunications has evolved constantly. As a phone system installer, Medlin Communications has had to keep up with the times as well. Now, it seems that the office phone system is going through another transformation: from a physical phone to a digital one.

VoIP stands for voice-over-internet-protocol. When most people think of VoIP, an obvious system for friendly communication is Skype. When Skype first came out, people were amazed at the ability to call and video chat via the internet. But since then, VoIP has evolved to cater specifically to business owners.

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There are plenty of benefits to using VoIP instead of landline phones for a business. Costs are much lower, the system is highly convenient, and it’s able to provide analytics. If that wasn’t enough, VoIP brings your office one step further into the future. Pretty soon, all office communication will be entirely digital, with integrated email and phone.

Here are four VoIP products we recommend to those looking to upgrade their phone systems.   

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is a program that includes not only VoIP, but also video conferencing, messaging, and a customer communication platform. It can also break out into packages or add-ons that include VoIP, which we’ll discuss later on.

When you discuss Avaya IP Office with a phone system installer, you’ll be able to fully understand the wide breadth of benefits the program offers. The program is often shown to boost productivity among in your office with convenient messaging, phone, and video all in one easy-to-use platform. On top of that, it features top of the line, high-quality security to protect your communications from security threats, fraud, and downtime.   

Avaya Chronicall

Avaya Chronicall is available as part of the Avaya IP Office package. Chronicall not only provides you with effective and cost-efficient calling, but also creates recordings and detailed statistical accounts of how your team is performing. This program allows you to narrow down areas where your team needs to improve and find new ways to transform your business.

Chronicall provides you with over 50 standard reports, as well as custom reports that allow you to tailor reporting to your specific business goals and employee standards. And there’s no wait for call statistics. You can manage calls in real-time while viewing customizable wallboards displaying relevant statistics for those calls. Avaya Chronicall’s recording library allows for call storage throughout your network. With the library’s help, you can listen to specific calls, define recording retention policies, and have all of the records you need.

As a phone system installer, we’ve seen firsthand how Avaya Chronicall can greatly improve productivity in your office and create an efficient project management process that positions your business for success.   

Avaya Equinox

Avaya Equinox is also available as part of the Avaya IP Office package. Unlike Avaya Chronicall which focuses in specifically on VoIP, the Avaya Equinox Experience handles VoIP, video, and chat. The program is optimized across all devices with a user interface that is easy to use on both small and large screens. Unlike Avaya Chronicall, the Avaya Equinox Experience also allows you to stream large events with up to 100,000 viewers at once.

Avaya Equinox has flexible deployment options for your phone system installer. It can be deployed in the cloud, as a hybrid, or on premise. This flexible deployment gives you the opportunity to scale the system with your business as you grow. If you need high-quality video and audio, Avaya Equinox can give it to you. From large meetings to personal video calls your business will have crystal clear communication.   

Elevate Unified Communication

As an alternative to Avaya IP Office, Elevate Unified Communication features phone, mobile, desktop, video, screen sharing, remote, fax, file sharing, and file backup all in one program. This cloud-based system makes communication easy by offering you one seamless communication center for all of your communicating needs.

Whether you need to make a single phone call or host a video conference with screen sharing, Elevate Unified Communications can get it done. Without any hardware to buy, install, maintain or upgrade Elevate lowers your infrastructure and operating costs compared to traditional phones. Flat, per-user rates even offer unlimited domestic and long-distance calling.   

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You Deserve Great VoIP Products

No matter what VoIP product you choose for your office, make sure you have a great phone system installer to integrate it into your systems. Half the battle of finding a high-quality VoIP system is finding a top-notch installation team as well.

At Medlin Communications we have over thirty years of experience in systems integration and phone installation. We signed on with reputable brands, including Avaya in 1996 and we’ve only grown our expertise since then. Speaking of which, our staff of professionals boasts more than 100 years’ combined experience in the telecommunications industry and has served over 3,000 customers nationwide.

When you need a phone system installer, don’t waste your time with unreliable or low-quality installation professionals. Contact Medlin Communications today for a job done right— the first time.