It takes a lot to make an office run. Not only do you need the right employees, leadership, and office space, but you also need the right systems in place that keep your office running. Without locks on your doors or a quality IT network in place, you’ll quickly run into productivity-sucking issues that could even shut down your business. Luckily, with the right low voltage contractor, you’ll have the systems you need in no time.

Let’s take a look at five different systems a low voltage contractor can install in your Chicago office.


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Integrated IT Network Installation

Traditional IT network installation views the IT network as separate from the rest of the office. But as time goes on and technology evolves, this way of looking at your IT network causes problems. In many cases, your IT network is the backbone of your entire office system. It needs to integrate with and support many other systems in the office.

A good low voltage contractor can help you set up an IT network that works for you. Here at Medlin Communications, we create a comprehensive plan based on research about your needs before we even start the installation. Without a great installation plan, you could wind up with a network that falls short of your expectations.

Some low voltage contractors also don’t future proof your IT network during installation. If your contractor uses outdated cables, you may not be able to upgrade other integrated systems such as VoIP or access control. These integrations may be crucial to meeting your needs. The extra cost of using cutting-edge technology at installation can save you money in the long run.


All-in-One Phone System

Telephones have a long history in Chicago, but telecommunications has changed significantly over the last decade. As technology has improved, few offices now have completely separate phone systems. Instead, VoIP systems are integrated with their IT network. Now, these systems can perform data analytics, help with note keeping, and cut down on costs. Instead of paying for traditional land lines or cell phone plans, VoIP systems are typically low cost.

By using a low voltage contractor to install your VoIP system, you’re working with an expert who isn’t just familiar with phones. Instead, they’re familiar with your entire office ecosystem. They’ll make sure your VoIP system will integrate smoothly with your IT network and desktop cabling.


The Right Audio/Video Equipment

Chicago is a big city filled with the offices and headquarters of companies like Walgreens, Boeing, and Allstate. Most corporate offices these days are prioritizing the client experience of their office, especially in their conference rooms.

The plain conference room with a few whiteboards, table, and chairs is a thing of the past. Now, clients want an experience. They want equipment that they can access easily, via mobile, or desktop. And great technology requires great behind-the-scenes setup.

If you’re hoping to create the ultimate conference room experience, work with a low voltage contractor that understands audio video equipment. Here at Medlin Communications, we work with quality products to provide your guests with the best experience.

For example, the ClickShare CSE-200 is a wireless presentation system that is accessible by both mobile and desktop. A USB-based device, the ClickShare button, is easily plugged into a PC or Mac in order to share content. Forgot your laptop? No worries. Download the ClickShare mobile app and you’ll be able to share content right from your phone.

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When it comes to audio technology, Medlin low voltage contractors work with Polycom to provide our clients with technology like the Polycom acoustic fence to block noises like construction and barking dogs, so your client only hears your voice. Acoustic Fence uses advanced echo cancellation techniques to cancel out extraneous sound waves besides the speaker’s voice.


Access Control Solutions

Do you know who’s entering your building? Access control is a key part of any security system. You need to be able to track exactly who’s entering and exiting your Chicago office building. Like any city, Chicago is not free from crime. Access control can prevent theft and burglary while holding your employees accountable and tracking who is inside your building.

A good low voltage contractor can integrate your access control solutions into your office network, enabling you to receive notifications on your phone or computer if an intruder attempts to access your building. Door controller stations can also be integrated with your video surveillance system. This provides a security solution that combines facial recognition and low thermal lighting with entry control for a comprehensive system that prioritizes your building’s safety.


Surveillance to Protect Your Building

High quality video surveillance can act as a deterrent for burglars and provide evidence of a break-in should one occur. A high-quality low voltage contractor can install your surveillance cameras in an area that will protect them from the Chicago wind, while also placing them in an area free from blockages or lighting that will interfere with the quality of your video footage. If integrated with your IT network, your video surveillance can have high quality real-time streaming to either a control room, your mobile device, or both.

When you work with a low voltage contractor to customize your video surveillance, you can also customize your alerts and notifications. When a security incident occurs, a fast response time is everything. The longer it takes for police to respond, the farther away the criminal can get and the farther away your chance at justice. Notifications in real time will help you respond to incidents quickly and protect your building.


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