Chances are, if yours is like most businesses, you have a video surveillance system comprised of analog security cameras. The limitations with that? If you want to review some video footage of a potential theft and need to zoom in for a closer view of the action, things may get too grainy with an analog camera to recognize the subject.

Enter the latest in video surveillance technology: The IP or Internet Protocol camera. Instead of an analog system that relies on point-to-point cabling, a connected IP camera system operates free of any dedicated physical infrastructure in place. You can send and receive information for surveillance purposes through a standard IP network such as Local Area Networks (LAN) and/or an Internet connection.


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The Difference In IP Security Cameras Is Crystal Clear

There are a bundle of ways IP video surveillance through Medlin’s IP Security Program translates into an even stronger security system for your business than analog cameras, including:

  • Superior Image Quality
    In Medlin’s fully digital IP surveillance system, you’re looking at picture quality at its finest with up to 4K image resolution. In fact, a 5-megapixel IP camera delivers up to 10X more detail than an analog camera at its typical maximum resolution.


  • Easier Installation
    Medlin’s IP security cameras offer what’s called PoE (Power over Ethernet) support, which only requires one cable per camera for power, video and data.Since IP cameras don’t need a whole new data network and can connect to the one you already have, installation is a headache-free experience.


  • Integration Made Simple
    The IP surveillance cameras we use provide a high level of integration with other equipment and functions, creating a constantly evolving system that’s easy to extend to areas such as audio, access control and more.Compare the IP camera’s single cable for multi-functionality to an analog camera that needs a separate cable not only for audio but for pan, tilt and zoom functionality as well.


  • Stronger Security
    An IP camera offers you far greater security with the ability to encrypt a video feed and control which user is – and isn’t – able to access your system.Contrast this level of security with an analog video system that doesn’t provide encryption and in turn, is easier to access by a 3rd party who could manipulate and disrupt it.


  • A Camera Made Smarter
    It’s time to expect so much more than a video feed. An IP camera gives you smarter motion detection based on a particular type of event that happens in the scene. For example, if the camera is tampered with, a built-in alarm can be triggered to notify you that the operation has been disrupted.


  • Flexible Video Sharing
    The “best of both worlds” of IP video surveillance is that, even as it supplies greater security, it can give you the flexibility to share video footage through an Internet connection with other trusted computers or devices. This way, you and others allowed access to the system can review video together, which is particularly useful for in-depth investigations.


  • Lower Total Cost Of Ownership
    How can IP cameras come out ahead of analog cameras in terms of cost? While the camera itself for analog is cheaper, when you add in labor costs and the expense of DVR equipment required for analog systems, the total cost of ownership can be much higher.An IP camera is using less cabling and often less maintenance, keeping costs manageable as a result. So a system that uses IP cameras will typically cost less overall than a system comprised primarily of analog cameras.


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