Keyless entry systems are vital to a secure office. They keep unauthorized personnel out of your building without the risk of lost keys. They provide added convenience to employees who can simply scan a finger or flash an RFID bracelet to enter the building instead of fiddling with their keys. But did you know that there is more than one type of keyless entry systems?

The benefit of cloud versus on-premise is an intense debate. As it applies to keyless entry systems, we’re going to explore the differences between the two, benefits of each and different products you can choose between.

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What’s the Difference?

Cloud-based software is deployed on a vendor’s servers and accessed through a web browser by the client. As far as your keyless entry system is concerned, a cloud-based access control system will have the hardware installed on-premise, but the software will be deployed via a remote server and does not require a data center on your facility.

On-premise software is deployed directly on your, well, premises. You’ll have direct access to the servers that contain the hardware that runs the keyless entry system, which will be installed in your building.

Benefits of Cloud

There are plenty of benefits to having a keyless entry system deployed via the cloud. Data centers take up plenty of space in a building. They require a lot of energy to run and need a climate-controlled room with redundant power sources. The cloud provides you with a lower cost option that deploys easily with minimal involvement on your part.

A cloud-deployed access control system is handled by a vendor. The vendor will take care of any backups, preventative maintenance or updates needed for your software, and storage of access records collected. The cloud system can be easily accessed through your average web browser with a secure password.

If you have a small facility with no room for a data center, and no budget to build one, then a cloud-deployed system is a good option for you. Door Controllers creates industry-leading door controllers that are cloud-based. These systems don’t require wireless hubs or specialized devices. door controllers are installed unobtrusively for an ideal aesthetic effect. With no need for wires or boxes, they are minimally invasive and easy to look at.

With mobile apps and intuitive dashboards, the system provides users with remote monitoring 24/7. The system can be easily integrated with other building systems with network connectivity, USB compatibility, and more.

While a common complaint with cloud systems is a lack of security, combines convenience and security for one great keyless entry system. These access control systems use advanced encryption protocols to maintain safe access to data. Encryption ensures that your data cannot be accessed without the appropriate password.

Benefits of On-Premise

On-Premise deployment of keyless entry systems has its benefits as well. Whereas cloud systems are easier and more cost-effective to manage, on-premise systems provide you with additional security and control over your data. With cloud systems, third-party servers could have access to your data. Also, if you need to access records of who was in your building, you’re entirely reliant on the quality of your internet connection.

On-premise deployment avoids these issues completely. You have physical control over server hardware for your keyless entry systems, allowing you to update hardware and wiring as needed. No matter the state of your Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to access your data without internet access. Because all of your data is stored directly under your control and in your facility, third-party vendors will not be able to access any of your records.

If you’re searching for a keyless entry system deployed on-premise, there are several options available.

Ready to get the right system installed? Get a free spec and quote for your  project.

Axis Door Stations

Axis door stations don’t just stop at keyless entry. These stations offer complete access control with video surveillance, remote monitoring, and two-way audio communication. The combination of built-in cameras and remote monitoring allow your security or reception staff to monitor the door from afar without the need to interrupt their work day and physically answer the door.

Axis door stations don’t just offer employees keyless entry, but they also include push-button calling for delivery men and other persons who need to request entry to your building. Traditional keys can be lost, stolen, or copied. It’s a surprisingly common way for burglars to gain entry to commercial businesses. Axis door stations avoid these vulnerabilities by providing secure keyless entry.

As an added benefit, Medlin Communications offers flexible hosting options adding to its cost-effectiveness.

Axis Door Controllers

Similar to Axis door stations, Axis door controllers go beyond the everyday keyless entry. These systems are ONVIF Profile A and C compliant, ensuring that solutions are standardized for effective interoperability. With mix-and-match capabilities for hardware and software, these controllers can be customized to fit your space. Axis door controllers integrate seamlessly with video surveillance alerts, time and attendance systems, and even HVAC controls for current building occupants.

You Deserve The Right Keyless Entry System for You

Whether you choose cloud or on-premise deployment for your keyless entry system, you deserve to have the right keyless entry system for your needs. Too often businesses are stuck with just one generic solution for their access control. Failing to take true consideration of your needs into account means that you could end up with a solution that doesn’t integrate into your systems, doesn’t do what you need it to do and leaves your building vulnerable to threats.

At Medlin Communications, we know that choosing a keyless entry system is not an easy choice. Luckily, our decades of experience can help guide you down the right path to the perfect system.

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