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Rethink the whole system around where you’re headed.

Not purely what you’re living with.

Lots of companies can “hook you up” with the right equipment for your needs today. Medlin takes a different point of view – we also plan for the business you’re going to be many years from now.

That calls for rethinking everything you’ve known about what a system can do and, quite frankly, rethinking how consultative a company like ours can be too.

This way, as you transition to a new era of your business, your system likely won’t require an extensive overhaul every time a new technology comes out that makes the dollars pile sky high and the beads of sweat build up on your brow.

Here are the services that come under The Medlin System and how some good rethinking is going to help your retail store and business stay one step ahead every day with future proof systems.

IT Network Solutions

Rethink The IT System.

The future is wireless – as in networks that enable better roaming and guest network access in one location as well as networks across multiple locations and buildings that can be remotely monitored. However, Medlin’s clients don’t have to wait for that kind of setup to become a reality in their environments. Not when we can already bring together the best products today from Netgear, Sonicwall, Cisco and more to create the perfect setting where all kinds of IP communications equipment can connect seamlessly to create future proof systems.

For example, take Bluesocket, a product from our partners at Adtran that combines the power of the cloud for control and high performance WAPs. Thanks to this wireless solution and Medlin’s expertise, growing organizations can scale up in a hurry, whether they’re expanding in one space or multiple locations.

We’re programmed for the next generation of data networks at Medlin. Are you?

Phone (VOIP) Systems

Rethink The Phone System.

Voice. Data. CRM. It’s all converging into one centralized Hub and it’s only going to get more mobile from here. At Medlin, we’re ready – with a team of experts who can evaluate “hosted” systems, VoIP and telephone services “in the cloud.” In this brave new world where your entire environment is a communications department that needs to move quicker, let Medlin help you scale up your operations with the right future proof systems, leaving all the limitations of basic voice systems behind.

Surveillance Cameras

Rethink The Surveillance Camera System.

Identifying staff. Monitoring a warehouse. Scanning a parking lot. It’s what you expect from high quality security cameras and other surveillance camera technology. But these days, surveillance camera systems encompass so much more.

Case in point: Medlin is working with new and sophisticated future proof systems that can employ high definition and analytics software. Yet we’re also finding a way to ensure that a higher tier of surveillance is never completely out of reach for the client’s budget. So we work closely with both national brand retailers and local businesses to consult on the very best solutions for their goals, including camera types, imaging quality, black & white or color, lighting levels, viewing choices and recording and storage options.

With Medlin’s help, get ready to rethink surveillance from a point of view that’s literally different than anything you’ve seen before.

Security Systems

Rethink The Security System.

It used to be that security systems were a bonus for retail and professional business settings. Now they’re mandatory. With the FBI reporting a burglary every 15 seconds, we’re living in a world where those who would do harm are becoming more brazen and daring to act than ever. It calls for the kind of security systems that require even more customization around your environment and stronger monitoring 24/7.

This is where Medlin’s team shines, incorporating a security component of the overall future proof system that acts faster to deter thieves from destroying the assets you desperately need to protect.

Keyless Entry

Rethink The Keyless Entry and Emergency Call Systems.

Let’s face it – our world isn’t any safer these days. Ensuring that the right people get in and out of the building at any given moment demands ever-more intelligent technological options. Sorting through those options, however, isn’t the easiest.

That’s where Medlin’s team of expert consultants can help, guiding you through a process of identifying the right Emergency Call Systems, that includes future proof systems’ design, installation, monitoring and testing.

From there, it’s only natural that Access Control is part of the conversation too. As both retail and business clientele are asking for more complex forms of building access, Medlin integrates this into the total system plan by evaluating gate systems, key fobs and even biometrics for key areas as well as tools for reporting that give you a complete view of those coming and going for your records.

Having a network of manufacturer and product line partners to choose from means Medlin can design and develop a system made for the new age of tighter access that’s well within your reach.


Rethink The Audio, Video and Sound System.

Upgraded conference rooms are no longer the exclusive domain of hi-tech companies. Big screen TVs, projector screens, amplifiers and speakers, teleconferencing equipment, smart boards and peripheral video equipment are all becoming part of the new standard. The key to making it all integrate seamlessly, however, comes from working with the consultants who know how to design these future proof systems around your business.

From the moment you invite Medlin in for an initial consult, our conversation can focus on the best audiovisual (AV) system for your needs that brings together the latest technology in audio and video to operate through one central controller.

We’re also seeing an evolution in sound systems that involves sound masking systems which utilize ‘white noise’ to enhance speech privacy in the workplace. In fact, studies show productivity increases ranging from 5 – 20% per employee when such systems are used. Add up that kind of efficiency across your environment and you’ll see why Medlin is poised to deliver a system that keeps providing real business results long after the design and install.

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