Access control regulates who can enter and exit from your building or specific areas within your building. They’re common systems for government buildings, banks, and you may have even seen them at museums. You should see them in the cannabis industry as well.

Access control for cannabis business is crucial in today’s challenging climate. It protects your business both from those who would abuse your product and from those who would destroy it.

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Here’s why you need access control for your cannabis business.

Prevent External Threats

This one may be the most obvious. As a cannabis business, you house coveted and valuable products. This makes your store a high-value target for burglars and thieves. If you rely on video surveillance and your average locked door, you’re building is at risk. Video surveillance can sometimes deter burglars and vandals, but more often it provides crucial evidence to catch the thief, more so than preventing a robbery.

When you install an access control for cannabis business system, you’re setting up a comprehensive building protection network. Access control systems can range from a simple keyless entry pad at each doorway to biometric panels combined with video surveillance. What level of security your business needs is dependent on where you’re located and the size of your store.

Keyless entry panels prevent burglars from easily entering your building. They’re not as easily picked as your average door lock or even a deadbolt. Instead, they only allow those who have the right fingerprints or RFID tab to enter the building.

Ready to get the right system installed? Get a free spec and quote for your  project.

Prevent Internal Threats

Unfortunately, your cannabis business doesn’t just need to be secure for external threats. It also needs to control internal access as well. In this industry, it’s crucial to hire trustworthy employees. But you shouldn’t allow your entire staff access to storage rooms. Internal access control for your cannabis business provides extrasecurity to areas within  your store. You can set up security systems to limit access to just the storage room, or to the entire back end of your storefront. You don’t want a disgruntled customer walking into the back and helping themselves to your product.

While internal threats may be an uncomfortable topic, it’s still an important one to discuss. If approached
correctly, internal access control systems can actually make your employees feel safer. Extra security in the back end of your store, prevents customers from accessing places where they shouldn’t and keeps all of your employees
honest. The regulated cannabis industry is still brand new- as it goes through some growing pains access control systems keep everyone safe.

Maintain Compliance

While the cannabis industry is still working its way through the legal system, access control systems are important in maintaining compliance under much of the current legislation. Compliance in the cannabis industry can range from everything from ensuring your building is in the proper zoning location to record-keeping to inventory audits. Access control for cannabis business can be a big part of staying current with regulations.

Access control systems don’t just provide added security for your building, they also keep records of who
entered where and when. With a comprehensive access control system, you’ll know who is in secure locations within your building at all times. This can be essential when undergoing a security audit, or if inventory goes missing.

Your access control system should be a part of your standard operating procedure. Employees should
understand that they should never enter a secure location without swiping first and that RFID tags cannot be traded between employees.

Protect Valuable Product

This may be the most obvious reason for installing an access control system for cannabis business. Cannabis
is a valuable asset for many people. An access control system’s most basic function is to protect your products.

The most comprehensive systems will combine video surveillance, two-way audio, and push-button calling. These systems offer you full-time monitoring of who’s requesting access to your building and audio and video records of your doorway, and provide you with keys that are completely secure. Your average key to a deadbolt is able to be copied, stolen, or lost. A keyless entry system provides your employees with secure keys that cannot be duplicated.

Provide a Safe Environment for

When customers enter your store, you want them to feel safe. Access control for cannabis business is just
one way of doing that. When customers have to pass through a visible security system in order to enter the store, they’ll be able to rest assured that no one with ill intentions will be able to enter. Customers will take note of the securely locked back room and the ease and efficiency with which employees scan their IDs to move through the building. All of these factors combined create the impression of a secure professional cannabis business that takes safety seriously.

Every cannabis business deserves to have the best access control. You want your system to be unique to your building and your employees. An access control integrator can provide you with the right system customized for your situation. If you’re looking for more information about the high-quality access control systems Medlin Communications can offer your cannabis business, learn more here.