Essential In Uncertain Times

Medlin’s solutions are critical in keeping your business operational. Therefore, we are fully open and available to assist you immediately. While we handle all technology as it relates to your facilities infrastructure, we specialize in security solutions and communication solutions, including remote access.

Security That Handles All Remote Access Threats

When outdated firewalls and VPNs create serous security risks, Medlin is able to design and install the latest technology to help protect your company and remote employees.

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We can deliver:

Advanced Firewall Security
  • Geography based firewall rules
  • Intrusion detection / prevention
  • Content filtering
  • Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
  • YouTube SafeSearch
Teleworker Gateways
  • Easy to install in-home device
  • Separates personal and corporate traffic
  • Extends corporate VoIP over personal WAN
  • Managed centrally in the cloud
Designed for distributed offices and remote workers
  • AutoVPN for self-healing
  • No need for client software

Midwest Based Technology Firm Focused on Multi-Site / Multi-Location Security Solutions

Medlin is a B2B Nationwide Technology Partner, integrating solutions critical in supporting people and places with data, voice, security and automation systems.

Ask us how we can set up a secure access for you.