So your company is planning on taking the next exciting step in its growth this year by either moving to a new facility or adding a new location. Congratulations! However, in the midst of a big transition like a company move, there’s one element that you can never, ever forget: The setup of your new location’s IT and infrastructure.

This is what makes MedlinMove from Medlin Communications the only call you’ll need to make.

First, Medlin can transport all of the critical pieces of your system architecture and infrastructure that are essential on Day 1. We’re talking IT. Phone systems. Security cameras. The works. But we’re just getting started.

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The biggest value you’ll find from the MedlinMove process? Medlin will design, implement and test a customized solution for your new space that includes:

  • Pre-qualifying a site’s Internet bandwidth before you sign the lease
  • Keeping your current system live while staging the new site
  • Recommending the best carrier among over 140 potential options, all while staying supplier-neutral the whole time.

Think about how many people in your company could be impacted by network and infrastructure problems if you aren’t adequately prepared for it. When there’s a significant disruption to workflow due to technology issues, the hours of downtime can quickly become a few days. How many days can you afford in lost productivity and revenue? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is zero.

Get it right with Medlin the first time. So it’s the only time.

From transport to testing, only one process in IT relocation covers all your bases so that you have a complete system – The Medlin System – that’s ready to perform in your new space from the first day forward. The earlier you’re thinking about it, the better, so call 1-800-4-MEDLIN or email today and let’s talk about why it’s so much better to make your next move a MedlinMove.