Chicagoans suffered in extreme cold this past January. With headquarters in Chicago, we suffered right along with the rest of you. We struggled with power outages and staying warm along with the rest of the city. After all, Chicago was colder than parts of Mars and the Northernmost town in the United States was a balmy -6 degrees compared to our own -22. Since we’re now intimately familiar with just how Mars-like cold can impact our city, we’d like to share with you how a Chicago systems integrator can help you keep your business running.

What if this Chicago cold comes back next year? What if extreme weather continues? Is your business ready for the cold?

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Faster Repairs

If you use a Chicago systems integrator, then you’re probably familiar with how much easier it is to manage repairs with just one vendor versus several. With an all-in-one systems integrator you only need to make a single phone call and work on scheduling just one appointment to take care of all of your integrated systems. With traditional systems set up, you’ll have one vendor for phones, one for your IT network, one for security, surveillance, and so on.

With extreme cold and power outages, it’s a good idea to have all of your systems evaluated. Can you imagine scheduling and managing all of those different appointments?

With an all-in-one Chicago systems integrator, you’ll only have to make one phone call and schedule one appointment to have all of your systems evaluated and on their way to repairs if they need it.


Proactive Maintenance

With just one vendor, you’ll also save money on routine maintenance. It’ll be easier to schedule and you’ll have one company keeping track of all of your systems. They’ll be intimately familiar with every facet of your operational systems and how they’re intertwined. You won’t have to worry about the phone guy messing up your internet (even if he did have the best of intentions).

Instead proactive maintenance will be easy to schedule. Ahead of large cold snaps or winter storms, you’ll only have to make one call to get a full systems checkup.

Proactive maintenance can be the difference between making it through -22 degree weather or losing power, security, data, and precious time. A Chicago systems integrator will be familiar with the upcoming weather and know when it’s a great time to schedule a maintenance visit. Proactive maintenance isn’t just important for getting through the worst of the weather, but it can also prevent emergency breakdowns that could impact your business.

Despite the rise of new technology and digital communication, losing your phones for a day could hugely impact your customers ability to reach you and cause significant losses for your business. Preventative maintenance is a great way to prolong the lifespan of your systems- particularly before a big storm.


Secure Access Control No Matter the Weather

Keyless entry systems provide our customers with secure access control that only allows those with authorized access to enter your building. These systems are much more secure than your typical door key which can be stolen, lost, or copied. However, one keyless entry system myth is that when the power goes out, so does your keyless entry system.

Medlin Communications is a Chicago systems integrator that specializes in battery or PoE-powered access control. For example, our Axis Door Controllers are powered by Power Over Ethernet, meaning the door controllers are backed up into an uninterruptable power supply. These power supplies will keep the power flowing to door controllers after the main power goes out. PoE systems also protect your door controllers from power surges. The last thing you want is for your security system to survive the power outage, only to be taken out by the power surge when the grid goes back online.

[Wait] -> Are you using technology to support and grow your business? You  should be.

However, if you’d like an access control system that is completely unaffected by the power grid, we also have access control systems which comes with a battery-powered option. is one of the only true cloud-based access control solutions. As an intelligent door control solution, will keep you updated as to its power status, enabling you to make sure it’s fully charged before a cold snap.


A Strong Foundation

Traditional systems installation often sets up your network for failure right from the start. As the boundaries between systems fade with emerging technologies, it makes sense to set up your network to work together. Otherwise you could be faced with new technologies that don’t mesh with old ones, creating an unstable, house-of-cards situation.

Phone systems must play nice with internet systems. More than that, they may need to share data. The same goes for any number of systems, ranging across energy management solutions to keyless entry products. With too many vendors working in one office, things become needlessly complex.

Integrated systems can help to support each other, creating a solid foundation for future improvements and repairs. Since one vendor has complete control over everywhere system, they’re able to see the broader picture that takes place in your office. They’ll be able to compensate for weaknesses of other systems and design a better more comprehensive system for your office.

A stronger foundation and a stronger overall network means its more likely your network will survive a large storm, versus a Frankenstein system made from many different mismatched parts.


Keep Your Business Running Despite the Cold

As a Chicago systems integrator, we can now say that we know cold. And unfortunately, that means you understand the havoc extreme cold can wreck on power lines and the everyday processes that make our city run. Don’t let the cold impact your business more than it already has.

By working with an all-in-one Chicago systems integrator, you can set yourself up for the next cold snap (which will hopefully never happen). Start off with a strong foundation, secure entryways, proactive maintenance, and finally fast repairs if any of your systems do fail.

Are you prepared? Call Medlin Communications today.