Warehouses carry a large amount of high-value products. This often makes them a target for external threats, like burglars, who are looking for a large payout. Because of this, warehouses require high-quality security systems, including access control. In unfortunate circumstances, access control for warehouses is overlooked as a luxury, not a necessity. The reality is that with an access control system, your warehouse security is boosted to the next level.

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Here’s why every warehouse needs an access control system.

Prevent External Threats

Let’s start with the obvious – a burglar who’s targeting a high-value building like a warehouse isn’t going to be deterred by a simple deadbolt. They’ll come armed with the right tools to break down a door or look for small cracks in your security system that they can take advantage of. Access control for your warehouse keeps burglars out and high-value product safe inside.

There are many different types of access control systems, including RFID tags, biometric systems, personnel-manned door stations, and more. Your building’s risk assessment will have a big impact on what type of system you get. A biometric security system will prevent a thief from sneaking into the building with a swiped RFID card. A 24/7 security guard-manned door station provides you with video and audio evidence, as well as intense protection against potential burglars.

Your average key can be lost, stolen, or copied. Access
control systems for warehouses take this factor out of the equation.
Fingerprints can’t be lost or stolen, and an RFID card is much harder to copy.

Ready to get the right system installed? Get a free spec and quote for your  project.

Manage Internal Threats

Internal threats are an unfortunate reality of the warehouse industry. When employees are working with products that can be easily stolen or are of high value, the warehouse owner needs to consider employee theft.

For example, consider the average warehouse that stores retail products. Shoes, clothing, and small household electronics. Your employees are the ones that know where the most expensive products are stored, where any money is kept, and are familiar with the processes used to access these things. Logically, it would be much easier for an employee to steal product or money than it would be for an outside intruder who is unfamiliar
with the layout.

Access control for warehouses can give your security system the boost it needs when it comes to internal security. Of course, you can’t use it to keep your employees out, but you can use it to limit access based on authority to certain areas of your warehouse. If you create a system that protects high-risk areas through the use of access control stations, you limit the number of people who have access to high-value targets.

Because access control stations are unobtrusive with a minimal visual presence, you can establish security measures without making your employees feel watched or as though you don’t trust them. At the end of the day, it isn’t about trust. It’s about limiting the number of people who have access to high-risk areas.

Maintain Accurate Records

Take a moment to walk through a scenario. Several hundred dollars’ worth of product was discovered stolen from a secure room at 4:45 pm on a Monday. On that day, at that time, you had over 100 workers in the warehouse. Do you know who was in that room and when?

Accurate records are crucial in putting together a timeline in the event of a security incident. As the police will tell you, a comprehensive timeline can be vital in catching the perpetrator. Access control for warehouses makes organized and accurate recordkeeping easy. Every time an employee swipes their RFID card to enter a secure room, the system records the date, time, and name of entry. With a comprehensive RFID system, you’ll know which employee was in that room around the time of the theft. Now, instead of over 100 suspects, you have maybe 20, at most.

Accurate records can also keep your employees safe in the
event of an emergency. If an earthquake hits, you’ll have a record of which rooms your employees are in and who’s missing. Knowing where each employee is within the building can make a big difference in the time it takes emergencyservices to get to them.

Enhance Physical Access Control

Many warehouses separate areas of heavy machinery from workers who are packing boxes. In high-security industries, physical barriers can prevent injury and keep high-value product separated from the main loading docks, which may even have some public access. One main issue with using physical barriers is the presence of doors. Yes, you can throw traditional locks on them. But can you imagine how much time it would take for employees to move between rooms when they have to lock and unlock the door each time? Not to mention the issues that come with using traditional keys.

Access control is a great way to enhance those physical barriers. With a flick of the wrist, employees can scan their RFID cards on their way in and out in order to create an efficient workflow from one side to the other. In this scenario, the access control system also provides you with a record of who was where and prevents outside access to high-value areas.

Protect Areas of Limited Visibility

Security cameras and surveillance systems are a necessity for the modern warehouse. But unfortunately, there can be blind spots. Especially if your surveillance system wasn’t installed by a qualified professional, there may be points in the day where a camera is blinded by the sun or obstructed by a fast-growing bush.  At these points in time, your access control system can provide protection where there would otherwise be none.

An enterprising employee may notice the blind spot and attempt to take advantage of it, but you would still have a record of their presence with the appropriate access control system. The combination of video cameras and access control systems will always be best, but in times where your video cameras may fail, your access control for warehouse system will be there to
prevent intruders from taking advantage of the moment to get inside.

There are also areas where you may not want video cameras inside the warehouse. For example, the bathroom. You can still keep your employees safe by preventing men from entering the women’s room and vice versa via an access control system.

At Medlin Communications, we believe everyone deserves the best access control for warehouses. Lost keys, complicated traffic schedules, and lack of awareness can make access control hard. We design and implement systems that just work. Your access control system should work for you. If you want to create a safe work environment in your warehouse, find out more about what Medlin can offer you on our services page.