When you invite clients into your conference room, you want to create an experience that is memorable, enjoyable, and overall – dazzling. Think of your conference room as a stage and your presentation as the show. You want your audience to be wowed. Unfortunately, most conference rooms today are difficult to use, have out-of-date technology and overall, appear pretty average.

A Medlin AV integrator knows just what makes a good conference room great and how to get it there. Here are five components that can create a dazzling conference room.

Easy-to-Use User Interface

Time is money. Everyone’s heard it at least once. And it’s true, especially in a business setting. When you’re struggling to get a meeting started because of software or hardware that’s difficult to use, your meetings are less productive and your company loses money.

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A convenient user interface saves your company money.

You should be able to get your meetings started on time with minimal worry about whether or not your conference room equipment will cooperate. An AV integrator can help you get set up with a user interface that works for you. Whether each seat should have their own controls or just one master set for the meeting leader, your conference room interface should be customized to your needs.

ClickShare CSE-200

This wireless presentation system makes collaboration and screen sharing easy in any conference room, for both guests and employees. As a wireless system, no cables, cords, or other hookups are needed to connect your laptop or mobile device to the presentation screen. Instead, a USB-based device, the ClickShare button, is easily plugged into a PC or Mac in order to share content. Forgot your laptop? No worries. Download the ClickShare mobile app and you’ll be able to share content right from your phone.

With ClickShare CSE-200, increased collaboration doesn’t have to mean decreased security. As a matter of fact, the CSE-200 has increased security features. This includes three predefined levels of security to meet almost any organization’s security requirements.

Collaboration is a breeze with the CSE-200. The presentation system allows up to 2 people to connect to the presentation screen simultaneously.

High-Quality Sound System

It’s happened to almost all of us. You’re in the middle of a remote presentation to a client. Things are going well – and then the audio goes out. It takes a minute or two to figure it out as neither of you can hear the other. Then you spend five minutes attempting to fix it before realizing there’s an issue with cabling, or internet connectivity, or one of many other factors that can ruin an audio conference.

Without a reliable sound system, meetings can quickly devolve from productive discussion into doomed attempts to communicate successfully.

As video and audio conferencing become more and more common, the quality of your sound system needs to be better and better. Not only should the output into your conference room be of excellent quality, but you also need high quality microphones for seamless audio conferencing.

In order to get a high quality sound system set up in your conference room, you also need to consider the physical limitations of the room itself. Is it made of glass? Brick walls? Drywall? How large is the room? All of these factors must be taken into consideration by an AV integrator who will then set up the sound system to best accommodate the environmental limitations.

Polycom Acoustic Fence blocks distracting sounds and noises from outside, while capturing voices from within a set distance. Construction outside? Barking dogs? Acoustic fence will ensure that your client only hears your voice. Acoustic Fence uses advanced echo cancellation techniques to cancel out extraneous sound waves besides the speaker’s voice. Multiple microphones ensure that only the important sounds are picked up on– meaning that your remote caller can focus on the meeting at hand.

Excellent Video Conferencing

Just as with audio, bad quality video conferencing can quickly ruin a meeting. Few things are more distracting to your audience than a lag between the audio and video or a grainy video picture. Conference rooms need to be set up by a qualified AV integrator to make remote communication a success.

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An experienced AV integrator will be able to tell you— a lot more goes into great video conferencing than just a great display.

When dealing with remote video conferencing, you also have to consider internet connectivity, cabling concerns, and what type of setup your client has. There are also many different ways to set up your conference room with remote video conferencing. What software should you use? What software systems are compatible with your display? Should your display be hardwired or wireless?

An AV integrator can help you navigate the world of remote video conferencing and create a customized setup that works for your needs and your conference room.

Medlin works with Polycom products to create high quality video collaboration at three different levels to meet any client’s needs. Do you video conference a lot? Polycom Real Presence Group 700 features dual live stream, flexible audio, video, and network ports, and output up to three displays.

You Need the Medlin System

Medlin AV integrators know conference rooms. We understand what your company needs and how to get it there. A Medlin experienced AV integrator can help you get your conference room working seamlessly so you can impress your clients and change the game for your company.

When it comes to AV systems, we won’t settle for a solution that doesn’t work the way you need it to, or that doesn’t live up to your expectations. These days, whether you’re a national brand or a small business, everyone deserves incredible AV.

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