You’ve followed the regulations and your IT professionals’ advice, which means you’ve secured your data with rock-solid encryption, firewalls and identity access protection. But have you fully secured your building?

For instance, imagine that there’s an unauthorized person in your building right now.

What kind of secret information might that person see in a glance? Do you have whiteboards with confidential business development plans in your offices? Paper files on desks? Could the unauthorized person overhear confidential conversations or perhaps walk off with inventory from a stock room without anyone immediately noticing? Are you a school that needs to do everything possible to keep unwanted, potentially dangerous intruders off campus?

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Are you absolutely, 100% positive that there isn’t an unwanted intruder in any area of your building right now? How can you be sure?

You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your premises are fully secured, around the clock – but you also deserve to do more with the money that your business earns.  At Medlin Communications, we understand. That’s why we’ve worked hard to bring you a groundbreaking IP card access system with the big-business flexibility you need at a price point that makes sense.

Even better, it’s simple to use, so it won’t waste your time.

All Access Points. All Employees. One Unified System.

With IP card access systems from Medlin, you’ll get a system that works perfectly for your specific building needs.

  • Easy to Manage

Add more users and credentials to the system as you go with the flexibility to add access points one by one. Once they’re quickly installed, you’ll find it a breeze to manage both your access points and your user credentials with a user-friendly drag-and-drop system on web-based software that helps you install, configure and take care of new credentials.

  • 360-Degree Access Control

Track your access points in granular detail with entrance and exit policies that show which doors should open and when and also informs you if a door has been left open due to employee oversight or forced entry. Track anything from license plates to fingerprints to faces, or from mobile phones to pin pads and more. It all comes with when you choose the IP card access systems from Medlin.

  • Lightens Your Workload

As a smart system, the IP card access solution can log and report on every entrance to your building, can trigger alarms automatically based on your important criteria and integrate with many other access control options. Currently, our system supports integrations with elevator floor management, HID mobile access and wireless locks such as Aperio and SimonsVoss. You’ve never had as much control over your premises, with such a small amount of time spent.

Don’t Fall Behind Your Competitors by Wasting Time… or Worse

In the past, full-function IP card access readers with flexible identification systems were so costly that only the largest businesses could afford them. They only sold in multiples of 4. They required complex maintenance. They led to vendor lock-in. Worst of all, it was nearly impossible to get those old systems to simply deactivate old cards without disrupting every employee at your company.

Now that Medlin has helped make highly flexible and secure IP card access tools available to businesses, mid-size and enterprise-size companies are finally discovering the time savings they can realize with revolutionary high-tech solutions.

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With IP card access, each employee can save seconds, HR can save minutes and security can save hours… but the question isn’t how much time you’ll save, it’s how much can happen in that time.

Unfortunately, after years of attacks, we all know how much difference a few seconds can make in our schools. But that’s not the only place in which time matters. American business owners and employees work long, dedicated hours, but they never have enough time to stop and take a break. With IP card access systems from Medlin Communications, you’ll get those hours back, so you can take a break. You’ll also be able to protect your premises from unwanted intruders around the clock.

And, with Medlin Communications, it’ll all be easy to install and run perfectly. Don’t you deserve that?

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