Medlin Asset Protection (M.A.P.)

Your Email, Phones And Network Are Down.

For 3 Straight Days.

What would that mean for your business?

That’s right. It would be deadly.

Fortunately, with a Medlin Asset Protection Plan, what looks like a perfect storm can be no more than a bump in the road. Because each Medlin Asset Protection Plan provides you with ongoing IT system maintenance that’s budget-friendly. So as our staff works diligently to understand the issue and get your business back up to full speed, you won’t be running up a giant bill with no end in sight.

Every Medlin Asset Protection Plan has you covered with:


  • 4-Hour Response Time For Major System Failures
  • 24-Hour Response Time Minor System Failures
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Annual IT System Maintenance Visits
  • On-site Administration/Training
  • System Backup Services
  • System Firmware Upgrades
  • Break Fix Coverage

One Program To Optimize Your Entire System.

It’s That Simple. A Medlin Asset Protection Plan isn’t just for when things go wrong. It’s also great for optimizing the lifetime performance of your equipment with IT system maintenance, so that your network of systems can function to the best level possible. Want to plan ahead with proactive advice and training? No problem. A Medlin Asset Protection Plan makes it easy to pick up the phone worry-free and connect with the partner who knows your whole system from top to bottom. Put Medlin in motion today with a Medlin Asset Protection Plan where peace of mind comes standard. Call us at 1-800-4-MEDLIN.