When you’re looking for a new video surveillance solution, are you getting all the information you need? At Medlin, we go the extra step to ensure you have all the information necessary to evaluate our solution. 

We begin the process with an overview of your application and complete it with the expected camera coverage needed to secure your business.

Each camera model is color-coded for easy identification. Placement and coverages are illustrated to make sure you’re capturing exactly what you need. If you have a floor plan, we can create a “to scale” representation.

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We also provide the necessary information so your IT professional can make sure your network has the bandwidth to support video. If requested, Medlin can provide IT services to bring your data network up to speed – including wireless bridges for remote cameras (parking lots, detached buildings, etc).

What’s included in Medlin HaaS Video Surveillance Solution?

The Medlin HaaS model is built on the value premises of delivering customer service effectively. Our service offers hardware procurement, remote IT monitoring, and proactive technology systems management. On top of all of that, you get Medlin’s fast and friendly customer service.

Medlin is a full-service provider for video surveillance. Our services include pre-sales design, installation, and after-market support.

Infrastructural Support? Medlin’s got you covered!

Hardware as a service, or HaaS, is not just another tech buzzword or tech trend. It is a real and sensible plan that can be hugely beneficial to all businesses small and large.

With the Medlin HaaS model, we will work with businesses to provide pre-arranged hardware rotations, updates, and troubleshooting support. It also includes maintenance, support, and monitoring of all provided equipment. If problems arise, customers can contact Medlin and we will handle the details. It’s a completely hands-off process that takes the burden of troubleshooting off your team’s shoulders.

If you want top-of-the-line hardware and a support team that has your back, contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.