IT Relocation Made Easy.

IT relocation sounds impossible. You don’t even want to think about the prospect of moving all of your technology that comprises your entire business. What kind of hassles lie ahead in moving servers, computers and everything else from one place to another? Actually, surprisingly very few – if you know who to tap for not only the complete transportation but also the entire design and install required for complete IT relocation in your new space.

Medlin alleviates the anxiety of IT relocation with MedlinMove, our service made for growing businesses that need to expand to new spaces without adding on a great deal of time, cost and stress.

In our hands, you’re no longer moving a system. You’re moving The Medlin System.

What does MedlinMove cover?

The move, design, install and testing of:
IT Network Solutions
Phone (VoIP) Systems
Surveillance Cameras

Security Systems
Keyless Entry
Audio / Video / Sound


So on Day 1 in your new location, just flip a switch.
Your technology’s ready.
Thanks to MedlinMove.

Whether you’re an existing Medlin customer or brand new to us, talk to us about how MedlinMove can transform one of the most complex aspects of moving – IT relocation – into the kind of proposition that’s a lot more simple.

To learn more about MedlinMove in advance of your next big move, connect with us.