On-hold messaging has become one of the more underutilized avenues for educating prospective customers as well as educating and upselling current customers on all your business has to offer. Through our vendor partners, Medlin can give you a direct path to taking advantage of those precious seconds with an outstanding on-hold messaging product.

Think about it – a prospect or customer dials into your company and is placed on a brief hold for 60 seconds. In that time, you could provide an on-hold message that speaks to:

  • A new product or service you’d like to promote
  • An upcoming event
  • An answer to a frequently asked question
  • A recent accomplishment by the company
  • A referral program to generate new business
  • A simple thank you for their continued business!

So don’t just fill the space between the call and a rep answering with endless music or “dead air.” Maximize that on-hold time with messaging that educates, cross-promotes and sells. Talk to Medlin today about how you can incorporate smarter on-hold campaigns into your communications platform by calling us at 1-800-4-MEDLIN.

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