It is only fitting that, as your business grows and sustains success, the technology within it does as well. Coincidentally, this requires your hardware infrastructure to grow in order to support the increased needs of your business. Medlin’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model allows you to scale up your business technology to support your needs.

Our Medlin HaaS model has built-in scalability. The goal is to provide you with a solution to allow you to scale up your technologies as needs constantly change. With Medlin HaaS, you can integrate any number of new components, from one to many, all depending on your business’s needs.

Medlin HaaS Solutions that help scale your business

Our team will collaborate on what equipment is right for you. From Voice and Collaboration solutions, data networking, as well as building security needs, Medlin is here for you.

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Managed Voice & Collaboration Services

  • Business Class IP Telephones – Several models to choose from based on the user profile
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps – work anywhere/anytime on any device
  • Collaboration Tools – Video conferencing, Audio conferencing, screen sharing, chat
  • CRM integration and screen Pops
  • Call Center Applications – Switchboard type queue panel, real-time metrics on Wallboards, call center reporting, etc.

Managed Data Network Connectivity & Security

  • Cisco Meraki Firewall with advanced security licensing which includes: web search filtering, content filtering, advanced malware protection, site-to-site client VPNs, 3G/4G failover, firmware updates
  • Data network switches
  • Weekly Interval Vulnerability Scans
  • WiFi network installation and management

Managed Building Security

  • Access Control Systems which include: door access control with Bluetooth Technology, no-touch access, customizable permissions
  • Video Surveillance Systems which include: HD cameras, 30 days of recorded video, remote viewing from mobile devices or any internet connect devices
  • Intrusion Systems which include: zone controllers to arm specific area within facilities, audible siren alert signal, keypads to arm/disarm alarm, motion detectors

Reduce the worry with HaaS

Businesses no longer have to worry about scaling up their IT infrastructure in the near future to stay current. Using Medlin HaaS, you can invest in the hardware your business needs to continue thriving.

Avoid buying hardware, hiring employees with benefits, or hiring expensive outside vendors, and start investing in solutions that bundle the hardware, configuration changes, upgrades, and break-fix items into a cost-effective monthly number.

With HaaS, you could be surprised how quickly you can turn your old growing pains into new competitive advantages.

In conclusion

Maintaining continuous growth is a common goal for all businesses. As your business grows, Medlin is right there with you so you can guarantee that your business technologies never become outdated. Are you thinking about switching to Haas but not sure where to start? Why not contact us today so we can work together on helping you design a technology solution that is right for you and your business.