Successful companies often have many visitors, including delivery people, interviewees, clients and prospects. But what are the chances that you’ll have guards posted at all times at every access point to ensure that all visitors are authorized to enter the premises? What if your office staff is too busy to constantly run back and forth to let each visitor in separately?

In the past, your only option was to welcome authorized visitors by leaving your doors open… but that meant you had to cross your fingers and hope no unauthorized people wandered in from off the street.

In today’s increasingly dangerous world, “crossing your fingers and hoping” is not an acceptable security strategy.

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That’s why Medlin Communications is pleased to present a smart, secure door solution—the network video door station—that empowers you to use your mobile device, laptop or IP-connected phone system to remotely view and speak with visitors at the door.

With protection and convenience like this, you’ll have better assurances that your company only grants access to the people who should be in your building.

What Is a Network Video Door Station?

Like a video doorbell, a network video door station helps you secure your offices with a system that displays real-time video of visitors.

But this business-centric technology goes past simple door monitoring. It provides:

  • Reliable 2-Way Communication

Intercom functionality makes it easier to communicate with unexpected visitors outside the building so you can determine their intentions, but simple intercom isn’t enough for typical business office access points. You need echo-free, uninterrupted speech in the most demanding situations.

Think about it: There’s a good chance some of your access doors are in awkward, noisy places. One may be in a basement parking garage, another in a narrow stairwell and another on a busy downtown street. Each of these situations creates unpredictable noise fluctuations including echoes, footsteps and traffic, yet many modern intercom systems can’t distinguish between background noise and relevant speech.

When you add in additional noisemakers like wind, rain and irritating construction jackhammers… well, the only thing we know of to counter that kind of noise is a network video door station from Medlin.

  • Crystal Clear Video Identification

Just as intercom functionality is typically only built to work well in perfect weather and natural sound environments, most video cameras are only built to work in optimized light conditions. They also only offer a small amount of visual area coverage and they require dedicated personnel to monitor computer security screens.

You can see how the costs of traditional video adds up – but not when you have a network video door station from Medlin. Our options all offer superb low-light coverage and clear, HDTV cameras that can seamlessly track moving objects with no blur.

  • Easy Setup and Expansion

A network video door station connects directly to your existing IP network using a single cable that transmits power, video, audio and data all at once. This makes setup fast and affordable – but you already expect fast, affordable service from Medlin Communications, so this is no surprise to you.

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What may surprise you is that you’re completely free to use as many or as few network video door stations as you want; many of our customers start with one and then add more as they grow into bigger offices or expand to multiple locations.

Want to Identify Visitors and Keep Watch on Your Access Points 24/7?

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You’ve Finally Found Your Answer…

We discussed the benefits of network video in a previous article, as well as its flexibility. However, many businesses we work with find that a network video door station isn’t simply their best bet for clear video and audio, it’s also their best bet for cost-savings on their critical high-tech security tools.

This is because it’s scalable, future proof and secure.

With an easily expandable, fully encrypted network video door station, you can literally add more doors as you need them: one by one and location by location. This means that no matter how large your business gets, you know you’ll always have Medlin on your side.

With Medlin’s help, get ready to rethink surveillance from a point of view that’s literally different than anything you’ve seen before.

Better Functionality And Better Pricing, All In One.

Many business owners worry that they won’t be able to afford to purchase and install high-tech solutions if they want to pull ahead in the industry.

It’s time to stop worrying, because as the people who installed your network solutions from top to bottom, Medlin Communication consultants can also make that transition to your next era a smooth one. Learn more about network video door stations when you contact Medlin Communications online or at 1-800-4-MEDLIN.