An active shooter in the workplace is something that no one wants to think about, but when it comes to building security and commercial surveillance systems, it’s something you need to consider. Is your building prepared to defend against an active shooter?

Take a moment and picture it.

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What would you do? Hide? Run? Fight? Does your office have
cover and a solid door? Are you sitting out in the open?

Whatever choices you make, it’s not a pretty picture. Your
best line of defense against an active shooter is keeping them out of the
building and your employees safe and inside. If your receptionist is your only
defense against an external threat, then you are woefully underprepared.
Commercial surveillance systems can protect you against the threat of an active

Stop the Shooter from Getting in the Building with Access Control Systems

Take a look around your office. What’s your current security system like? Do you have keyless entry systems? External security cameras that are monitored? How about lighting – do you have a well-lit entryway and parking lot?

Once you start to think of your building as both a place of business and a defender of your employees’ lives, your perspective could change. Yes, those glass walls and floor to ceiling windows are gorgeous, let in a lot of beautiful natural light, and allow for more open communication between employees. But they don’t necessarily protect you against an external threat.

Keyless entry systems are one way to boost your access
control and prevent a shooter from entering your building. Depending on the
risk-level present at your building, there’s a wide variety of keyless entry
systems with varying security levels. The simplest form of access control is
your typical keycard which employees must swipe to gain entry. Keycards can be
lost. If you want the best in security, biometric keyless entry systems could
be the way to go. Artificially intelligent biometric systems will read your
palm, fingerprint, and even your face. Then it compares it against a database
to see if you’re allowed inside.

Identify the Shooter with Commercial Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras were considered a luxury in the business world. Now, they’re known to be a necessity. Cameras are often considered the core of any commercial surveillance system and they’re especially necessary when preventing an active shooter. If they’re appropriately monitored, security cameras can help you identify a threat as soon as it enters your parking lot. Some security cameras will identify suspicious behavior, such as erratic driving. Others will pick up on possible weapons, such as a gun, and send you an alert. The early warning system that security cameras provide can save lives as it gives you and your employees time to find shelter.

Security cameras aren’t just an essential early warning system. They also provide crucial evidence to help police track down the shooter after the attack. High-quality security camera footage can show details such as the license plate of the shooter’s car, any tattoos that may help with identification, and identifying features of the shooter himself. When you want to prevent an active shooter from entering your building, high-quality security cameras are crucial. Grainy footage can lead to misidentification and cost lives.

Create a Security Plan that Works for Your Office

Every office is unique with a variety of different factors
that can impact the likelihood of an active shooter event happening at your
building. Are you in a high-crime or urban area? If you’re located in a
neighborhood with a higher rate of crime, it’s crucial to get a commercial
surveillance system installed quickly. If you’re located in a rural area with
few neighbors, you might be able to make that decision on a longer timeline.

[Wait] -> Are you using technology to support and grow your business? You  should be.

When making decisions related to preparing for an active
shooter event, be sure to consider every single scenario that could happen.
What do you do if an active shooter is targeting a neighboring business? Do you
have a history of disgruntled ex-employees who may wish your office harm? How
will you defend your building against someone who is familiar with its layout?

Medlin Communications specializes in personalized commercial surveillance system consulting. We can help you develop the right plan for your building to prevent a threat from entering and to keep your employees safe.

Get the Right System To Keep Your Building Safe

Set your building up for success. By installing commercial surveillance systems, keyless locks on all entryways, and discussing your situation with a security professional, you’ll hopefully never have to see your best employees decide whether to hide or fight for their lives. It’s an unfortunate reality of this day and age as active shooter situations become more and more common. If you’re looking for more information to help you prepare yourself and your employees, consider taking CRASE, an online training designed to teach civilians how to respond to an active shooter event.

When it comes to your building, the best thing you can do is prevent an active shooter from entering the building with a great commercial surveillance system. For more information on security systems that could save lives, check out these door station solutions.