Twenty years ago, the average corporate office was a cubicle farm where workers churned out products or services from nine to five before heading home after a good day. Since then, the corporate office has evolved into the corporate campus. These complexes often offer more than cubicles; sometimes they provide workers with gyms, entertainment, golf, and leisure areas. But as the corporate workplace evolves, office surveillance systems need to as well.

A single camera and a closet full of VHS tapes won’t cut it for surveillance anymore. Surveillance systems need to talk to each other, provide automatic backups, work in different settings, and provide reliable alerts. If you’re getting ready to install a great security system, pay attention to these five tips first.

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Complete a Risk Assessment

Don’t fall into the trap of installing security cameras and feeling protected. You don’t want to let complacency lead to the theft of thousands of dollars’ worth of product.

Oftentimes, the most obvious spot isn’t where a security camera is needed most. Many companies spend too much money protecting the front door, when most burglars enter through a side door or even the roof. Hiring a professional to complete a risk assessment of your corporate campus is key to installing surveillance systems that work. You’d be surprised at how many blind spots your campus can have and the amount of risk they can leave you open to.

A risk assessment ensures that you don’t waste your money installing security cameras in the wrong spots.

Ensure All Systems are Integrated

Surveillance systems are becoming more and more integrated and it’s only making your security better. When your access control system can work with your surveillance camera to lock out a known criminal, your business is better for it. If a door or window sensor goes off, an integrated system can activate the appropriate cameras, and send you an alert.

As machine learning and artificial intelligence become more and more prevalent in the security community, integrated surveillance systems are reaping the benefits. When all of your systems can communicate seamlessly, you’ll benefit from real-time alerts, facial recognition, remote video streaming from access control stations, and more.

Optimize Cameras by Location

Not every location is good for a camera. Security cameras are the eyes of surveillance systems. If your cameras are obstructed by bushes or too-bright lighting, your building is at risk. What many building owners don’t take into consideration when it comes to security camera placement is vandalism. If you place your cameras too low, they can easily be reached by vandals and damaged or obscured.

To find the best place for a security camera, take into account the surrounding environment. Is there a tree or bush nearby that partially obscures the view? Can it be easily reached from the ground? Is there a time of day where it will be in direct sunlight?

Different cameras are useful for different vantage points. If one surveillance camera is tucked away in an alcove with low-lighting, invest in a camera that is built specifically for low light. You can also set up your cameras for success based on the time of day. At night, Axis Communications has security cameras that use Optimized IR Illumination to provide clear video in the dark or thermal imaging cameras to detect heat signatures in pitch-black environments.

Your security cameras are some of the most important parts of surveillance systems. Working with an experienced systems integrator for security camera installation will ensure that your cameras are set up in the right spot for unobscured views and are out of reach of vandals or thieves.

Plan for the Future

The modern world is constantly changing. Every day new surveillance systems come out, making use of artificial intelligence and high-tech machine learning to better protect the corporate campus. If you make the mistake of installing a system without the future in mind, you’ll already be behind the curve before you’re even up and running.

The majority of surveillance systems are turning towards IP-technologies. Also used for VoIP systems, IP-technology can give your surveillance system better video resolution, while using fewer cables. When you’re working on setting up a surveillance system for a large corporate campus, IP-technology makes it easier to cover multiple buildings easily.

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Work with the Right Vendor

Working with the right vendor offers you complete integration of all your systems in a convenient installation process. At Medlin Communications, our proven process starts off with a security system assessment to better understand weak spots and present a roadmap towards the best solution. We ensure that all components are working and seamlessly communicating to provide you with the best in high-quality security.

Your business deserves a surveillance system you can trust. That’s why, when you work with Medlin, you get high-quality products and knowledgeable installation for burglar-proof surveillance systems.

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