Proper security is a crucial part of all business technologies. Businesses are more secure with recovery plans and system upgrades whenever the need arises. Regardless of all the precautions businesses can take, newer hardware and software will be more secure than old technology. This also applies to data backup and disaster recovery.

Our Medlin Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution provides a sustainable Technology infrastructure system that can withstand security threats and enables companies to function without any service disruption or with minimum downtime.  

Companies may have security deficiencies and may not know about it

Ask yourself these questions, when was the last time your firewall was tested for any security threats? Are the software or firmware patches in your network devices up-to-date? Most times, when it comes to business technology and security, many companies connect devices and forget about them which ultimately puts them at a security risk.

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As an organization grows, the technology within it grows as well. Devices that once provided security may become liabilities as they try to protect a network with more devices, possible remote employees, and/or new locations.

Security that is “tough as nails”

Cyberthreats are constantly growing and are lurking around because cybercriminals are always at work. To prevent them from causing major disruption, businesses will need to maximize the security of their technologies. Our Medlin HaaS solution can help with that.

Because technology is at the forefront of all businesses, our Medlin HaaS solution will closely monitor and maintain hardware to make sure it is up-to-date. As a result, this will help companies achieve tougher security with their technology systems.

Medlin HaaS is the solution you need for security

Our Medlin HaaS solution offers up-to-date technology such as firewalls, WiFi Access Point devices, and much more! We strive to make it easy for businesses to have access to the newest hardware models that are more equipped with advanced security measures to prevent any future cybersecurity threats.

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