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How Is Follett Growing 1000 Stores In North America?

Click here to learn how Medlin is helping to expand the footprint of one of the biggest educational tool providers in the country.

Staples Needed IT And Construction Brought Together Fast. How Did Medlin Make It Easy?

Click here to see how Medlin is handling the complete system integration of new stores for one of America’s largest office supply retailers.

Factory Acquisition By Crane Composites. The System To Save Thousands Of Dollars By Medlin.

Click here to discover how Medlin has become an integral part of a 62-year-old industrial company’s ongoing expansion efforts.

Contrasting Systems Across Multiple Buildings? Relax. Medlin’s Got This.

Click here to see how Medlin transformed Visitation Parish’s varying systems into one seamless communication center.

The Medlin System

Our comprehensive overview of your system allows us to become your trusted systems integrator and partner – empowering you to select and install the right technology solutions


Medlin Gets Your Whole Store System. Including How To Open The Doors On Time.

One Source Gets Your Entire System

Forget calling in multiple vendors. Trust Medlin to handle everything regarding your system’s point of sales, access points, phones, cameras, keyless entry systems, complete cable infrastructure and more.


Unbeatable Track Record

Medlin’s highly versatile experts have answered the call for national retail brands like Macy’s, AT&T and Staples as well as rapidly growing mid-sized businesses like Crane Composites.


The Total Partner You Deserve

Questions on how to manage the data within your network? A solid plan for disaster recovery? Good thing you have a complete systems integrator you can turn to in Medlin.

Medlin’s team of highly versatile systems integrators ensure success in all kinds of locations.

 small business system integrator

Small and Medium Sized Businesses


enterprise solutions system integrator

Enterprise Solutions:
Local Businesses to National Brands


Businesses We Work With

Medlin News

5 Tips to Optimize Your VoIP System

If your office is using a VoIP system, then you’re familiar with all of its benefits. But are you getting the most out of your office phone system? Too often businesses aren’t optimizing their phone systems to reap all of the benefits. This could be due to lack of...

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The Evolution of VoIP & How It Impacts Your Office

When did you first start using VoIP? Were you using it for personal reasons or for commercial use? Since VoIP first came onto the scene in the late 1990s, it has evolved tremendously to include a variety of capabilities that it wouldn’t have otherwise had. VoIP has...

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Cloud vs. On-Premise Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems are vital to a secure office. They keep unauthorized personnel out of your building without the risk of lost keys. They provide added convenience to employees who can simply scan a finger or flash an RFID bracelet to enter the building instead of...

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