Imagine it. One solution to integrate all of your communication tools to unlock the power of greater productivity everywhere your employees are – from the office to the field. If that sounds like next-level technology that’s right around the corner, think again. It’s already here and you’ll experience it today with Medlin’s cloud-based unified communications service that delivers on the promise of this exciting technology.

With our single managed solution, your business and its people can be universally connected via:

  • Desktop phones
  • Mobile phones
  • Desktop computers
  • Video conferencing
  • File collaboration
  • File backup
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote office connectivity
  • And more!

Mobile devices interact with the corporate phone system. Video conference and screen sharing is fully enabled for maximized collaboration. Files are stored and shared in the cloud in an organized and highly secure manner for team members to access.

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The result? You have a workforce that can truly be “on” anywhere, anytime on any device.

Plus, since it’s a system based in the cloud, you can take the fear of being impacted by a local outage off the table. Our system will try all user devices and then dial phone numbers like cell phones, hunt groups or other auto attendants. There’s even a mobile app to give your business all the functionality you need in the event that your desk phones aren’t available.

“OK, but what’s the cost of all this?”

Glad you asked. Even as you consolidate voice and data onto one network, there’s no hardware to buy, install, manage, upgrade or replace to make that happen. That means you’ll be able to lower your infrastructure and operating costs compared to what you’ll pay with traditional phone service.

Take The Next Step To Ensure A Smooth Transition.

Obviously, the last thing anyone wants as they implement new technology is any unexpected surprises. Keep those concerns at bay with Medlin’s free network assessment. It’s an easy way to uncover any problem areas within your network prior to implementation. We’ll start with an 8-10 page report full of insights, followed by a deeper dive from our experts at Medlin to help clear the way for a unified communications solution that works seamlessly with The Medlin System.

Learn how much more connected you can be with a conversation with one of our representatives. Talk to Medlin at 1-800-4-MEDLIN today.





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