The importance of a systems integrator in Chicago is often underestimated. Many office owners fail to consider choosing an all-in-one vendor to install their business networks, and instead use disparate vendors to install each system separately. But there are huge benefits to working with a systems integrator.

Working with just one team who can do it all saves you money, increases productivity in your office, and makes your life easier. A well-run office runs even better with the help of a systems integrator in Chicago.


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Maintenance Savings

It’s happened at least once to all business owners – the office is having one of those days. Your employees were late, everyone has the Monday morning blues, and none of your systems are cooperating. The phones went down but no one realized it until mid-morning. Unfortunately, the phones were connected to your access control system, so you never heard the door ring when your delivery man with the office supply was waiting. Now you’ve missed your delivery.

In an attempt to get your day back on track, you call the vendor for the phones, only to find out that they’re unwilling to fix it since they’re tied in with access control. The access control vendor doesn’t have the expertise needed to fix the phones but can try to fix the access control. No one knows which one broke first.

In summary, it’s a mess.

When you work with an all-in-one systems integrator in Chicago, you often find yourself stumbling into plenty of maintenance savings. Now instead of working with two different vendors, you only have to make one phone call for an expert who can fix all of your systems. They’ll also get your systems on the same maintenance schedule. Instead of paying several different fees for a variety of vendor, you only have to pay one.


Increased Employee Productivity

How do your systems communicate now? Are your phones integrated with a data tracking system? Or are your employees tracking their time on the phone manually? Do your employees have to wait to be buzzed in by a receptionist in the mornings? Are they perpetually losing their keys?

A systems integrator in Chicago can increase productivity in your office. By integrating an IP phone system, your sales team will no longer have to waste time manually tracking their phone data. Employees won’t be stuck waiting outside the office trying to get in with keyless entry that allows them the flexible to come and go as they please, while also allowing security to track who’s in the building.

Not only will your processes help your employees be more productive, but easy-to-use systems will also lend themselves to increase office profitability.


Easy-to-Use Systems

As a systems integrator in Chicago, Medlin Communications has been around for long enough to know just how difficult to use systems can impact your business. How much does it cost you when it takes employees an extra 15 minutes to perform a simple task due to tricky programs?

Systems integration makes your systems easier to use by unifying the most important processes. VoIP phones will be connected to your Wi-Fi network for easy call tracking. You’ll be able to access the same high-quality internet in your conference room as you are in your private office. Access control will be linked to your surveillance cameras to provide you with the security you need and easy administration that keeps you up-to-date.

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When your systems work together, instead of against each other, you’ll find your workday that much easier, thanks to the systems you deal with every day.


Secure Networks

A well-installed network is a secure network. Traditional systems installation runs into issues with inefficient cabling and poor connections that prevents you from responding quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation. What if there’s an electric surge, but your cabling is too old or ill-installed to prevent damage to your computers?

Too many security issues come from poor network installation that fails to take network security into account. Medlin works with Watchguard Total Security to keep your computer system safe from the growing threat of cyberattacks.

Medlin Communications is an expert systems integrator in Chicago, especially when it comes to integrating security systems. Do you receive an alert on your phone or computer when a surveillance camera sees something suspicious? Are your keyless entry systems integrated into your surveillance cameras?

When your security solutions work together, they become one comprehensive security network that keeps your building and your employees safe, while making your life easier.


Systems Integrators Understand Your Office

When you work with a systems integrator in Chicago, you’re working with a partner who knows every system in your office. You won’t have to worry about who to call when something goes wrong- because there’s only one number you’ll need. At Medlin Communications, we promise to work with you to customize your office systems and to get the job done right the first time.

Medlin partners with high quality vendors and products to provide you with the best, no matter what system you need installed. Working with an all-in-one systems integrator like Medlin opens up a whole new world of productivity, growth, and security for your business.

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