The Medlin System
When you have over 1000 stores,
little things add up in a hurry.

Let’s say that from the corporate office, you notice that energy consumption in a location is getting out of line. Before long, you discover that a store manager is overriding corporate. However, just as that issue is resolved, you notice a new problem.

Then another.

And another.

For national retailers and growing mid-sized businesses, system integration challenges like these turn managers into firefighters who wind up addressing system problems in a very reactive way. Suddenly, your reputation is at stake to those you work for and your customers.

How do you minimize these issues and concentrate on other areas of your day-to-day operations?

By turning to Medlin, you’re trusting a partner who can help you select and install the right technology solutions, all with a complete view of your system integration that includes:

Sure, you may have only one system component that needs to be addressed today, like your phone systems or low voltage cable. We can handle that. But tomorrow, your firmware may need to be updated. Your wi-fi may have issues next month.

For all these system integration needs and then some anywhere in your store system, it’s good to know that it only takes one call to get superior guidance from Medlin.

We’re ready to implement, pivot and add on to your system. Whatever it takes.

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