Your business’ collaboration tools should boost productivity.

With Avaya IP Office, they will.

The Avaya IP Office solution empowers your people to connect in ways that are truly productive, allowing them to delight customers and engage colleagues through interactions that deliver meaningful results.

Optimize your business’ collaboration tools for productivity. It’s time to rethink your business communications.

Do you have these communications problems?

Limited Capability

Are your current channels inflexible or lacking when it comes to key technology features you’ve seen other businesses use?

Hard-to-Use Systems

Do you find yourself frustrated by complexity when trying to connect? Do you have the feeling that things should be simpler?

Disparate Platforms

Do you have difficulty moving across platforms? Do you wish your applications were more integrated with your communication?

Avaya IP Office simplifies your communications and optimizes your productivity with feature-rich tools that empower your users.

A single app for communications. Cost-saving applications built-into existing systems. Top-level security for peace of mind. Avaya IP Office is designed to bring your communications to new levels.

With Avaya IP Office, you’ll get:

Flexible Deployment Options

Whether in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid, your business can select the deployment option that’s right for you.

Unified Communication

Quickly and easily access messaging, audio, and video conferencing capabilities within a single application across devices.

Remote Capabilities

Take your communications anywhere, whether you’re on the road, working remotely, or just at a different location.

Fully Scalable Options

From 5 users to 3,000 users, Avaya IP Office is equipped to scale with your business, meeting your needs as you grow.

Top-Level Security

Reduce security threats, fraud, and downtime through a hardened architecture that’s been proven in mission-critical environments.

Proven Solutions

Get confidence in your communication systems.  Avaya IP Office has been trusted in over 635,000 businesses.

With a full suite of features to meet every communication need and product levels to suit your business, Avaya IP Office can be set up to best fit your business processes.

Ready to Make Communications Easy?

It’s time to stop settling for communication solutions that are difficult to use and don’t offer the features you need. Get Avaya IP Office set up for your business by getting in touch with us today.

With Medlin’s help, you can implement this solution to move ahead of the competition with boosted productivity and better communication. Take the first step today.