Access control should be easy and effective.

With door controllers created by Axis and installed by Medlin, it is.

Axis door controllers enable secure and efficient access into and throughout your premises. With an optimized installation, you’ll be able to rest assured that the people who have permission to enter access points are able to – and the people who shouldn’t be able to can’t.

It’s time to rethink your business’ access control.

Do you have these access control problems?

Insufficient Management

Is your current solution difficult to manage? Or, does it fail to provide an adequate level of customization and control?

Unsecure Keys

Are your system’s keys vulnerable to being copied or stolen? Do you rely on unsecure entry methods to protect your locations?

Lack of Integration

Does your system lack the ability to interface with other systems? Are surveillance and building entry disparate?

Medlin-installed Axis door controllers integrate easily with existing systems to ensure easy, effective, and comprehensive access control.

Customize access solutions easily. Minimize the risk of unsecure keys. Integrate key systems to maximize efficiency. Get peace of mind with access control that’s ideally fit to your spaces.

Features of Axis door controller installations can include:

Open Standards and APIs

Proven, non-proprietary systems offer capabilities that are more flexible in integrating with your existing systems – no special cabling, hardware, or software needed.

Broad Integration Capability

With Axis, integration is easy. Video surveillance alerts. HVAC systems optimized in real-time for current occupants. Time and attendance system integrations. The possibilities are endless.

Mix-and-Match Software and Hardware

There’s no need to be tied to a proprietary hardware or software solution – Axis door controllers allow for mix-and-match solutions that best fit your space.

ONVIF Profile A and C Compliant

Axis door controllers are ONVIF Profile A and C compliant, ensuring that solutions are standardized for effective interoperability.

Future Proof Systems

Systems are easily scalable, allowing for seamless future growth whether the installation is for a single building or at a national scale.

Ready for Access Control That Fits Your Needs?

It’s time to implement access control solutions that allow for maximum efficiency, easy integration, and peace of mind. Get Axis door controllers set up for your business by getting in touch with us today.

With Medlin’s help, you can implement door controllers that help your spaces to run more efficiently, provide enhanced security, and make access control easy. Take the first step today.