Your security systems should give you peace of mind around the clock, no matter where you are.

With video surveillance solutions from Axis, they will.

Axis products offer high-quality video surveillance that’s designed to be easily accessible from a variety of your favorite devices. A comprehensive surveillance solution from Axis can help you to have full visibility on your location – no matter where you are.

It’s time to rethink your business’ surveillance solution.

Do you have these video surveillance problems?

Limited Visibility

Is your current solution vulnerable to blind spots, poor lighting, or simply not in place where it most matters?

Hard-to-Use Systems

Do you find yourself frustrated by complexity when trying to manage your surveillance? Do you have the feeling that things should be simpler?

Lack of Real-Time Monitoring

Do you worry that, if a crime were to happen, you wouldn’t be able to access video in the time it would take to respond?

Medlin-installed Axis video surveillance solutions provide cutting-edge technology that ensures the safety of your premises.

Motion activation. Live streaming capabilities. Highest-quality footage. With expert guidance from Medlin, you can identify and seamlessly install the best solution for your premises, with all of the features you need to stay secure.

Features of Axis video surveillance solutions can include:

Low-Light Accuracy

No matter the time of day or amount of lighting, Axis solutions can capture clear, accurate images.

Motion Sensor Activation

Maximize efficiency with cameras that activate upon motion sensing, making storage and monitoring easier.

Outdoor Durability

With cameras designed to work across climates, in below-freezing temps, and heavy rain, you’ll be able to trust functionality over time.

Password-Protected Video

Make sure that only the eyes that should see your video are able to access it with password protection.

Customizable Alerts

Set up notification preferences across a range of situations and get notified in real-time as needed to maintain security.

Thermal Imaging

Even in pitch-darkness, Axis solutions can utilize cutting-edge thermal imaging to identify scenes and activity.

Facial Recognition

Axis solutions can include facial recognition technology, making access management easier than ever before.

Ready to Choose Peace of Mind?

It’s time to stop worrying about the security of your premises. Get Axis solutions set up for your business by getting in touch with us today.

With Medlin’s help, you can implement Axis products to ensure that your locations are protected – no matter where you are and no matter what time it is. Stop worrying about security. Take the first step today.