Your building needs to be prepared in the event of a crisis.

With InformaCast emergency alert systems, it can be.

Whether it’s severe weather, intruders, or a fire, InformaCast gives you the power to notify everyone in your building.

Even those working remotely during a crisis.

Protect your employees with the information that matters when it matters most.

Are you unprepared?

No Designated Channels

Have you considered which channels you’d use to reach people? Would users know where to go for information?

No Notification Capability

Would information reach the right people in time? Would messages be lost on the noise of other channels?

No Way to Reach Everyone

Would you be able to reach all stakeholders in time? Even people off-premise or working remotely?

InformaCast systems let you reach the people that matter with a clear message when it matters most.

Severe weather events. Lockdown situations. 911 alerting. InformaCast systems allow you to customize and automate emergency notifications to protect your people.

Features of InformaCast systems include:

Integration with Legacy Systems

Previous iterations of alert systems can be integrated with InformaCast to ensure protocols are maintained.

Mobile App Notifications

Quickly and easily access people anywhere with notifications from a streamlined, intuitive web app.

Severe Weather Alerting

Protect your people from severe weather events with prompt notifications that allow for timely preparations.

Facility Lockdown Options

Create and customize automated alerts that can function even in lockdown scenarios.

On-Premise Device Notifications

Send a mass notification to on-premises devices throughout your building or campus to alert your people.

Reach Up to 10,000 Users

InformaCast systems can scale to up to 10,000 users, giving you the capability to reach everyone you need to.

Keep Your People Safe. Get Prepared. Get InformaCast.

It’s time to take action. Get prepared to communicate in the event of a crisis, and be sure you can reach your people with the information that matters when it matters most.

With Medlin’s help, you can implement InformaCast systems to protect your people and gain peace of mind. Take the first step today.