Access Control

Keyless entry allows you to Control who is allowed to enter through which doors, at which times.

Let Medlin help Secure your facility properly


Manage users, lock & unlock doors, change system preferences, and more all from a single app for real time, 24/7 access control.


Remote management for Cloud or Premise Based Solutions allows for changes to be made for users and door status from anywhere.

Any Device

Your Access Control System can be managed from any internet connected device. Real time reporting allows you to track events as they happen.

Medlin Designs and Installs Intelligent Keyless Entry Solutions.

Entry systems need to work seamlessly to ensure that authorized parties can exit and enter easily – and to ensure that unauthorized parties can’t. At the end of the day, that can mean a myriad of systems and settings that all must work in tandem with each other. It can get complicated, but, at Medlin, we believe in doing the job right.

Here’s how we implement entry systems that work the way you need them to. 

Technical Expertise

For entry systems to work well, multiple advanced technological components have to work well together. From smartphone apps, to key fobs, to gate systems, and sometimes even to biometrics, there are a variety of sources that need to integrate in order to allow efficient access.

Personal Consulting

We work closely with both national brand retailers and local businesses to consult on the very best solutions for their specific access needs. And our network of manufacturer and product line partners means we can design and develop access control system installation made for the new age of tighter access and bring it to the unique needs of your building.

Proven Process

Assess: We comprehensively review your building access system infrastructure to understand potential system pain points and your business needs.

Advise: We present a roadmap toward the best solution, giving you multiple options based on your business’ needs.

Activate: We provide seamless access control system installation, ensuring that all components are working and the job is done right.

Trusted Brands

Your business deserves technology you can trust.

That’s why we bring together the best products from Netgear, Sonicwall, Cisco and more. These brands have proven track records of success. With Medlin’s expertise, they can be implemented to create the perfect setting where all kinds of IP communications equipment can connect seamlessly.

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It’s time to stop settling for entry systems that don’t work the way you need them to, leaving your building unsecured or inefficient. With Medlin’s technical expertise, personal consulting, and a proven process, you can trust that your access control system installation is effective and secure.

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