Are you making the most of your data?

With NETGEAR, you will.

NETGEAR ReadyDATA and ReadyNAS are simple yet powerful ways to
centrally manage, share, and synchronize data while keeping it secure.
Manage data better and build your business.

Get a NETGEAR data storage solution.

Do you have these data storage issues?

Data Silos

Does data stay stuck in separate systems? Do you have full visibility and control of the data that matters?

Limited Sharing

Can your workforce effectively and efficiently share data across multiple teams and locations?


Is your data protected? Could human error or a virus wipe out crucial data systems?

NETGEAR’s ReadyData and ReadyNAS solutions enable total flexibility and control over your business data, with built in, end-to-end security.

Class-leading performance. Intelligent scalability. Easy deployment. NETGEAR data storage solutions help businesses like yours make the most of their data.

Features and benefits of NETGEAR solutions include:


Get up to 84 TB of unified storage with a ReadyNAS device, and easily add new drives as needed to keep up with your business needs.

Class-Leading Performance

Across a myriad of hardware and software platforms, NETGEAR solutions perform at peak industry levels.

Cloud-Based Backups

ReadyNAS Vault, a reliable and affordable backup service, comes embedded on all ReadyNAS devices.

Continuous Protection

IT administrators can set specific data recovery points on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, ensuring easy rollbacks.

Intel Processors

Leading Intel processors drive the powerful capabilities designed into NETGEAR data storage products.

Easy Management

IT administrators can centrally manage solutions and even enact cloud-managed site-to-site replication to maximize efficiency.

Make the most of your data. Get a NETGEAR solution.

It’s time to take action. Get a data storage solution that will allow you to seamlessly grow and share data capabilities to boost your business’ productivity.

With Medlin’s help, you can implement a NETGEAR solution to make the most of your data. Take the first step today.