You Deserve Phones That Fit Your Business.


Is your phone system serving your business as well as it should be? Whether your business is a SMB or an enterprise, your phone systems should be accessible anywhere and integrate how you need them to.

No longer is voice communication a disparate channel. It’s time to rethink the phone system.

Do you stress over these phone setup issues?

Disparate Vendors

Not sure who to call when the phone systems go down? Do vendors blame one another?

Unreliable Performance

Do you experience connectivity issues or poor sound quality?


Is managing phone lines a hassle? Are remote calls more difficult than they should be?

Medlin Provides Phone System Installation That Fits Your Business Needs and Unlocks Productivity

We believe in the importance of doing the job right. When it comes to phone systems, that means you shouldn’t have to settle for outdated solutions that don’t give you the functionality you need. VoIP solutions offer features that can help you to unlock business growth.

VoIP solutions offer features that can help you to unlock business growth.

Here’s how we implement phone systems that just work. 

Expertise in Technology

Voice. Data. CRM. It’s all converging into one centralized Hub and it’s only going to get more mobile from here. At Medlin, we’re ready – with a team of experts who can evaluate “hosted” systems, VoIP and telephone services “in the cloud,” as well as provide expert phone system installation.

Future-Proof Planning

There’s a balance to efficiently choosing the system features you need now, and planning for the growth you’ll experience in the future.

At Medlin, we’ve walked step-by-step with businesses to identify solutions of best fit and implement future-proof VoIP systems. We perform a customized ROI analysis on premise-based solutions and cloud solutions to determine the best option for your business now and in the years to come.

Proven Process

Assess: We comprehensively review your phone system infrastructure to understand potential system pain points and your business needs.

Advise: We present a roadmap toward the best solution, giving you multiple options based on your business’ needs.

Activate: We implement systems seamlessly, ensuring that all components are working and the job is done right.

Reliable Products/Solutions

Avaya IP Office

Empowers your people to connect in ways that are truly productive, allowing them to delight customer and engage colleagues through interactions that deliver meaningful results.

Avaya Chronicall for Avaya IP Office

Enables comprehensive management and tracking of any business call, with over 50 standard report types, easy access to recordings, and customized agent dashboards to give you and your team access to the data you need to gain clarity.

Elevate Unified Communications

Whether in the office or remote, Elevate seamlessly integrates all your communication tools – desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers – into one manageable solution oriented around your employees’ needs and work styles.

Trusted Brands

Your business deserves technology you can trust.

That’s why we bring together the best products from Netgear, Sonicwall, Cisco and more. These brands have proven track records of success. With Medlin’s expertise, they can be implemented to create the perfect setting where all kinds of IP communications equipment can connect seamlessly.

Ready for Phone Systems That Maximize Your Productivity?

It’s time to stop settling for phone systems that don’t fit your business needs. With expertise in technology, future-proof planning, and a proven process, Medlin can provide phone system installation to help your business put VoIP solutions to use so that better communication happens – and business growth follows.

Don’t settle for yesterday’s phone system, or for a system that isn’t built with care to your business needs.

If you’re ready for VoIP solutions that just work, let’s talk.