Avaya Chronicall for Avaya IP Office™

Business calls shouldn’t be so difficult to measure.

 Avaya Chronicall for Avaya IP Office™ makes understanding business calls easy.

The system enables comprehensive management and tracking of any business call, with over 50 standard report types, easy access to recordings, and customized agent dashboards to give you and your team access to the data you need to gain clarity.

Make measuring and optimizing your calls easy. It’s time to rethink your business call management.

Do you have these business call problems?

Limited Data

Do you have a hard time tracking call data? Are you unsure how various agents compare on common metrics?

Hard-to-Use Systems

Do you find yourself frustrated by complexity when trying to manage call data? Does your current data lack clarity?

Poor Integration

Does call data exist in a world apart from the rest of your business environment? Is managing data tedious and manual?


Avaya Chronicall for Avaya IP Office™ makes call measurement comprehensive and easy so that you can optimize for success.

From recordings to detailed statistical accounts, gain clarity and insight into how your team is performing on calls, identify areas for improvement, and position your business for success.


With Avaya Chronicall for Avaya IP Office™, you’ll get:

Standard Reports

Access over 50 standard reports to gain visibility, direct strategic decisions, and boost productivity.

Custom Reports

Create original reports tailored and branded to the needs of your business to get the clarity you need to optimize calls.

Recording Library

Listen to specific calls, define recording retention policies, and allow call storage throughout your network.

Agent Dashboards

Empower agents to add value to their calls by giving them access and input to their data, and integrate easily with existing CRMs.

Realtime Management Capability

Manage calls effectively at any moment, with customizable wallboards displaying relevant statistics for realtime calls.

You’ll get access to these standard reports (with optional add-ons available, as well):

Account Code

  • Account Code Summary
  • Calls by Account Code


  • Agent Calls & Summary
  • Agent Inbound Calls & Summary
  • Agent Outbound Calls & Summary
  • Agent Summary by Group
  • Agent Talking Summary
  • Agent Transfer Summary
  • Agent Voicemail Summary
  • Event Sequence Calls by Agent
  • Excessive (Event Type) by Agent

Call Direction

  • Call Direction Summary
  • Calls by Call Direction

Call Costing

  • Agent Call Cost & Summary
  • Roles Call Cost & Summary

Caller ID

  • Calls by Caller ID
  • Inbound Caller ID Summary

External Number

  • Calls by External Party
  • External Number Summary


  • Excessive (Event Type) by Group
  • Group Abandoned Calls
  • Group Event Summary
  • Group Presented Calls
  • Group Summary
  • Group Summary by Agent
  • Queued Calls by Group
  • Queued Call Volume
  • Queue Summary by Group

List of Calls

  • 911 Calls
  • Abandoned Calls
  • Agent Calls
  • Agent Inbound Calls
  • Agent Outbound Calls
  • Call Details
  • Calls by Account Code
  • Calls by Call Direction
  • Calls by Caller ID
  • Calls by External Party
  • Conference Calls
  • Event Sequence Call List
  • Event Sequence Calls by Agent
  • Excessive (Event Type) by Agent
  • Excessive (Event Type) by Group
  • Group Abandoned Calls
  • Group Presented Calls
  • Inbound Calls by Local Number
  • Queued Calls by Group

Local Number

  • Inbound Calls by Local Number
  • Local Number Inbound Summary

Time Interval

  • Agent Call Volume
  • Inbound Call Performance
  • Inbound Call Summary
  • Lost Call Summary
  • Outbound Call Summary
  • Inbound Call Service Level


  • Trunk Usage by Time
  • Trunk Usage Summary


  • Tag Summary

No Tag

  • Basic System Totals
  • Cradle to Grave

Ready to Make Your Business Calls Better?

You should be able to measure and improve your business calls just as you would any other component of your business. With Avaya Chronicall for Avaya IP Office™, you can.

Ready to make your calls better? Get in touch. With Medlin’s help, you can implement this solution to move ahead of the competition with boosted productivity and optimized call processes. Take the first step today.