Managing network devices shouldn’t be so hard.

With the UniFi Enterprise System, it’s simple.

The UniFi Enterprise System from UBIQUITI offers a breakthrough combination of performance and scalability that enables total control over network devices from one intuitive interface. Make network management easier and more effective.

Get the UniFi Enterprise System.

Do you have these network device issues?

Difficult Administration

Can you easily manage and control devices across the network in a unified way?

Lack of Integration

Does your network make integration with devices and systems more difficult than it should be?


Do you have peace of mind in the knowledge that your network and devices are protected?

The UniFi Enterprise System makes network device system creation and management easy from one intuitive interface.

Easy-to-use. Feature-rich. Highly-scalable. This is the network device management solution you’ve been waiting for. 

Features and benefits of the UniFi Enterprise System include:

High-Performance, Scalable Wi-Fi

Get low latency and high uptime performance with robust wireless networks that perform above industry benchmarks.

Unified Routing and Security

One system for routing and security solutions means cost-effective, reliable function and security.

Outdoor Wide-Area Wi-Fi

This solution even offers outdoor WiFi capabilities – perfect for outdoor spaces like concert venues or stadiums.

Advanced Network Switching

With convenient PoE+ support and fiber connectivity options, you’ll be able to trust in robust performance.

IP Video Surveillance

Easily deploy IP surveillance cameras across multiple locations for high-functionality surveillance solutions on a unified network.


Unify your network devices.

Get the UniFi Enterprise System.

It’s time to take action. Get a system that will allow you to intuitively and effectively manage your devices and network.

With Medlin’s help, you can implement the UniFi Enterprise System to optimize your business network. Take the first step today.