Set for Today’s Tracking and Compliance Needs

Visitor management has become an essential part of your facility’s security. The ability to secure your facility from unwanted visitors and know and track who has accessed your facility is more critical than ever.


  • Scan government issued ID to verify identity
  • Pictures for ID display and documentation
  • Verify guests against white and black lists
  • Sign NDA and other documentation as condition of entry
  • Provide heath questionnaire prior to check-in / out

Entry and Exit

  • Easily check-in/out via mobile app, kiosk or reception
  • Automatically notify host their guests have arrived
  • Check-in/out via facial recognition
  • Sign NDA and other documentation as condition of entry
  • Geo-fence contractors within specific locations via mobile app

Track and Document

  • Dashboards with real time accounts of who is on site
  • Easily contact and relay instructions to guests in case of emergencies
  • Robust reporting for compliance and quality systems
  • Integration with access control to restrict access to sensitive areas

Ready for Peace of Mind?

It’s time to stop settling for visitor management solutions that are subpar and leave your business and employees vulnerable. With advanced ID verification technology, you can rest easy knowing that your location is being properly protected.
With Medlin’s help, you can rethink visitor management from a point of view that’s literally different than anything you’ve seen before.
Get in touch with us to take the first step toward peace of mind.