Your business deserves peace of mind.

Get it with WatchGuard Total Security.

WatchGuard Total Security is complete network protection in one seamless solution.
Keep your network – and your business – safe.

Get WatchGuard Total Security.

Do you have these network security issues?

Lack of Visibility

Are you able to identify potential threats and unwanted activity and prevent it in real time?

Difficult Administration

Does your network security solution seem unnecessarily difficult to manage?

Subpar Security

Do you have total confidence in your network security’s effectiveness against cutting-edge attacks?

The WatchGuard Total Security solution allows you to comprehensively and simply manage your network security to gain peace of mind.

Intrusion Protection Service. WebBlocker URL filtering. Gateway Antivirus. All inside of one simple system. This is the network security solution you’ve been waiting for. 

Features and benefits of the WatchGuard Total Security system include:

Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

The solution scans all traffic on all major protocols to ensure real-time protection against potential network threats.

WebBlocker URL Filtering

Block malicious sites and content at the most granular levels to increase security and productivity.


The solution can review up to 4 billion messages a day to intelligently detect and block spam.

Reputation Enabled Defense Service (RED)

The cloud-based power of this reputation look-up service prevents against malicious sites and botnets.

Application Control

Manage and refine application usage by enabling or disabling users or groups on customizable schedules.

Network Discovery

Generate a visual map of all of the nodes on your network to identify places where you may be at risk.


Protect your network and your business.

Get WatchGuard Total Security.

It’s time to take action. Get a system that will allow you to intuitively and effectively protect your network.

With Medlin’s help, you can implement WatchGuard Total Security to optimize your business network for security. Take the first step today.