When you install surveillance cameras for your business, you may think that just the presence of a security camera is enough. After all, it has been proven that just putting up a security sticker on your door can deter theft. But low quality video surveillance doesn’t do anything for your positive. At most you get some theft deterrence- but that’s only if you place cameras in a spot that is both visible and hard to vandalize.

Low quality video surveillance can have big problems for your building security– from start to finish.


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Improper Installation

The installation of your surveillance camera plays a big role in its effectiveness. A poorly installed security camera can be left open to the elements, decreasing the camera’s lifetime and greatly hindering any video quality you could have had. Or bad wiring could put your building at risk for a fire at worst. At best, you could have zero connection between the internet and the camera, leaving you with video that isn’t being stored anywhere.

The installation of a surveillance camera is a huge part of its success. Bad installation can cause bigger problems for you than a lack of surveillance camera.


Low Quality Video Streaming

There was a theft at your workplace. One of your employees was robbed on their way to the parking lot. The police are asking for security footage, but it’s so grainy and out of focus that the license plate of the car cannot be identified and your employee is out of a case.

Grainy video footage leaves your employees and your building at risk for a robbery or burglary. Poor quality video footage is just as bad as no video footage. If a security incident does occur at your building, you want to have as much evidence against the perpetrator as possible. Without good video footage, it can easily become your word against theirs, leaving you at a disadvantage.


Lack of Notifications

At midnight last night your building was robbed. Your tenants lost several computers. Your business had its cash drawer robbed. Where were you when it happened? Sleeping peacefully in your bed. Why? Because your security equipment didn’t notify you of anything.

When a security incident occurs, a fast response time is everything. The longer it takes for police to respond, the farther away the criminal can get and the farther away your chance at justice. Just imagine a security alert so fast that police could get there while the burglary was still in progress. You could minimize the amount of damage done to your building and catch the perpetrators.


Blind Spots

While not every thief is smart, it’s pretty easy to look at a building and notice a few blank corners where surveillance cameras aren’t watching. Do your video cameras leave blind spots in your security? Criminals are adept at exploiting the holes in your security system and getting away with their crime entirely unrecorded.

It’s important to install any surveillance equipment properly, without leaving any holes that can be exploited.

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Choose High Quality Video Surveillance Instead.

At the end of the day, you don’t save any money by installing low quality video cameras. Instead you waste money on replacing cameras damaged by rain and wind or find yourself with useless grainy video.

When you choose high quality video, you choose Axis Video Surveillance. When it’s expertly installed with Medlin technicians, you’ll have high quality video that features motion activation, live streaming capabilities, and the highest quality footage. Axis creates durable products with low light accuracy so you can see everything- no matter the time of day.

Axis video surveillance also features:


Facial Recognition

Axis video surveillance has the option of facial recognition technology that helps you manage access control. Axis facial recognition software allows for seamless integration with your access control systems, only allowing in recognized employees, or recognizing wanted criminals at your door.

Keep your building access limited to authorized users and those you know. Axis video surveillance with facial recognition gives you complete control over your building access.


Thermal Imaging

Don’t go blind when its dark out.

Axis video surveillance features thermal imaging that allows you to identify scenes and activities even when the lights go out.

Thermal cameras are less sensitive to problems like shadows, backlight, and camouflaged objects. Thermal cameras are perfect to place in that shadowy alcove where they can record suspicious activity undetected. Don’t limit your surveillance camera installation based on blind spots. Axis video surveillance with thermal cameras allows you to be able to see what’s going on around your building, no matter the time of day.


Customizable Alerts

No longer will you have to deal with the overly sensitive camera that sends you notifications when a squirrel darts through the parking lot. Or the camera that doesn’t send you any notifications no matter what’s going on near your building.

Axis surveillance cameras feature customizable alert settings that allow you to be alerted in real time as needed to maintain the security near your building.


Choose Medlin-Installed Axis Video Surveillance

When Medlin installers work with high-quality Axis products- you benefit. We provide our customers with our expertise and knowledge combined with the best products on the market. Don’t put your building at risk with low quality video surveillance and improper installation.

Let Medlin Communications serve you. Interested in upgrading your surveillance system? Give us a call today.