The word “game changer” gets used a lot in business, but this is one occasion in which it’s fully justified. Why? Now that you’ve hopefully read our article on UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) and are beginning to understand its vast potential, you’ll see why at Medlin, we’re excited to be rolling out a new cloud-based unified communication and collaboration platform that fully leverages UCaaS in remarkable new ways.

First, think of all the elements of communication in your organization: Your desktop phones. Your mobile phones. Your computers. Your means of file backup and collaboration. Video conferencing. Screen sharing. And more.

Now imagine using those mechanisms to share all of the essential ideas and content for the organization through a single system: Ours. Suddenly, your people just became more mobile and productive on the go.

[Wait] -> Are you using technology to support and grow your business? You  should be.

What kind of features are in store for you with our new UCaaS platform? Take a look at a glance:

  • Rev up your team’s productivity by allowing any user’s mobile device to interact seamlessly with your corporate phone system
  • Want to transcribe your voicemail message to text or an email? Done.
  • Fully integrated video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing and backup gives you enhanced collaboration
  • Enjoy unmatched business continuity with a platform that automatically rings all your end points with every call – and if you don’t answer, the call can be routed to any number you choose.
  • Clearly transcribed voicemail messaging and even call history for the last 90 days, including the contact’s name, data and time they called.
  • No additional hardware to buy
  • Consolidated voice and data on one network
  • A savings of up to 50% on your monthly phone bill when compared to traditional phone service
  • 99.999% financially-backed uptime SLA
  • Order service based on the number of users instead of guessing the number of lines you need

You’ve been waiting for a new era where all the vital features of your desk phone come standard on your mobile phone. Now, it’s finally here – and with so much more.

True connectivity everywhere you are. We’re looking forward to sharing more about what our UCaaS platform means for your organization in the days to come. Give Medlin a call at 1-800-4-MEDLIN.