Installing a security solution for your business used to be considered a luxury, not a necessity. For some business owners who operate in small-town neighborhoods or other low crime areas, a simple deadbolt may do the trick. But for the average cannabis business, which may operate in a higher-crime area, a security system is crucial to the success of their business. Cannabis businesses need security solutions for a variety of reasons. The nature of their product is still controversial, and the majority of transactions are completed in cash, making dispensaries a high-value target for criminals.

Choosing the right kind of security solution for your cannabis business can be complicated. There are many different systems out there, ranging from your average access control system to a fully-fledged solution with video cameras, door stations, building alarms, and more. Choosing the right systems for your business can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to find out the different benefits of each security solution for your cannabis business.

Door Stations

Evaluate your current entryway setup for your cannabis business. Do you have your average lock-and-key security? Can anyone off the street walk right in without pause? Door stations keep external threats and minimize the risk of internal threats. Unlike your average key, a door station is integrated into your building security and removes the risk of lost or stolen keys.

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There are a wide variety of door stations out there with varying features and degrees of security. When looking for a high-quality door station security solution for cannabis business, look for two-way audio communication, push-button calling, and built-in cameras. These features enable you to communicate with the person requesting access without ever opening the door. You’ll have visual confirmation of their identity and will be fully secured should anyone attempt to force entry.

Access control isn’t just beneficial for your exterior doors. You may also want to consider some form of access control as an interface between the customer-facing shop area and the backroom that houses product. This could be as simple as a keycard or as cutting-edge as a biometric scanner. These interior access control systems allow you to keep records of employees’ movements within your building and prevent customers from walking into your back room.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras are the staple of any great security solution for cannabis business. Not only can they act as a deterrent against potential thieves, but they also provide crucial evidence in the event of a robbery or vandalism incident. Without video footage, the police will have no description of the robber or their get-away vehicle—making it extremely difficult to find them. With video surveillance, you’ll have a higher probability of obtaining footage of identifying characteristics and will increase the likelihood they’ll be caught.

When choosing a video surveillance system, look for one that offers you low-light accuracy, possibly with thermal imaging. This ensures that your camera will capture clear, accurate images no matter the time of day. If your cameras are going to be outside, make sure you install a brand that can withstand the harsh Chicago winters and hot summer sun. An overheated video camera that shuts down doesn’t do you any good.

Some video security solutions for cannabis businesses include facial recognition. When combined with customizable alerts, this feature can notify you if any known drug dealers or other criminal offenders are approaching your business. Customizable alerts ensure that you aren’t overwhelmed with constant notifications of every squirrel that wanders by. But also ensures that you won’t miss anything important.

Window and Door Sensors

Window and door sensors alert you if anyone opens/breaks a window or door. These sensors are an excellent addition to any security solution for cannabis business. After all, unprotected windows can be just as great of an entry point for a burglar as the front door. When setting up your business security system, it’s important to evaluate the entire building for weaknesses, not just your main entryway.

Security Personnel

A good old-fashioned security guard is often an excellent addition to any security solution for cannabis businesses. You can hire them to work according to the hours of your business. For example, you can hire round-the-clock security guards, or just when your main store is closed.

Instead of relying on customizable alerts from your security system, a guard can text or call you directly in the event of an emergency. Oftentimes, thieves who notice the security guard will think twice before robbing your building. Many businesses also use security guards as after-hours customer service representatives. If a confused potential customer stops by when you’re closed, the security guard can provide a friendly face to answer to. While you can live stream the feed from your video cameras to your phone or home computer, you probably won’t be staying up all night to watch it. A security guard can monitor the video feeds, so you don’t have to.

Great Installation Team

Bad installation of security solutions for cannabis business can lead to insecure connections, incompatible wiring, and poor-quality video footage. Great installation is crucial when it comes to your security system. With Medlin’s help, you can implement our security products to ensure that your locations are protected – no matter where you are and no matter what time it is. Our three-step proven process means that your security solution will be installed correctly. We work hand-in-hand with our cannabis business owners to provide the security solution that’s customized for their business goals.

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