What it’s like to work with a keyless entry contractor clearly differs based on who you work with. Here at Medlin Communications, our desire is for you to get the best experience possible. When you work with Medlin as your contractor, the job will get done right the first time.

Part of why working with a Medlin keyless entry contractor is so different is because of the Medlin process. Let’s take a look at what that is.

Current System Assessment

When you first start working with Medlin as your keyless entry contractor, you’ll notice that we first begin with a full system assessment. What’s your current building access control? How many entryways are there? How secure do you need your building to be? How many employees and staff need access? What’s your budget like?

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A full system assessment helps contractors decide the best solution for your building. After all, a retail store is going to need very different keyless entry solutions than a government building. For the retail store, customers need to be able to enter and exit the building safely, while after hours employees need to be able to secure the store and protect the merchandise. For a government building, no one should be able to enter without the proper security protocol.

Customize the Best Solution for You

Once a keyless entry contractor fully understands what your current system is, then they’re able to customize the exact solution that meets your needs. Are your current employees prone to losing keycards? There are other solutions out there that use an RFID band or fob that attaches to a set of keys that are much harder to lose than your standard key card.

Do you need to be able to monitor who is entering and exiting the building? Some advanced keyless entry systems can keep a record of exactly who is entering and exiting your building.

For a high security building, your standard keyless entry system may not cut it. Biometric security systems can also be installed. These systems scan unique body patterns, such as irises and fingerprints, which it compares against a database. Those who match the database are allowed entry.

Biometric keyless entry systems are nearly impossible to hack without the ability to mimic someone else’s iris or fingerprint pattern. Some systems even use voice recognition or facial recognition.

For situations like student housing, student safety has to be top priority for your keyless entry contractor. But your students also don’t want to feel like they’re on lockdown or imprisoned in their own dormitories.  Retail systems, on the other hand, create a variety of scheduling needs – store openings and closings need to be considered in combination with individual access needs.

A considerate keyless entry contractor can balance safety and comfort to create the perfect system for whatever you need.

Install the Keyless Entry System

Keyless entry installation varies greatly on what system you choose to install. However, what doesn’t vary is what your keyless entry contractor needs to know in order to install the system properly. How much experience does the contractor have? Are they communicating with you well?

When it comes to security, you need your building protected as soon as possible. If your keyless entry contractor doesn’t communicate with you well during the installation process, you could have differing expectations that lead to delays in the process.

Installation may be the most sensitive part of the entire process. For biometric keyless entry systems, you need to catalog the fingerprints, iris patterns, etc. of all of the employees. This takes time and coordination between the keyless entry contractor and the organization. For an RFID based system, you still need to record exactly how many cards are needed, who needs them and when you can get it to them.

Installation can be disruptive to the workday. Good communication between your keyless entry contractor and your organization can help keep that disruption to a minimum.

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While your keyless entry system is being installed, how are you maintaining the security of your building? Are you hiring physical security personnel or handing out old-fashioned keys? Talk with your keyless entry contractor about maintaining building security during installation. As a security expert, they may be able to recommend alternative solutions to keep your business safe until the new keyless entry system is installed.

Integrate Your Systems

At Medlin Communications, we believe systems integration to be one of the most important parts of your security system. Systems integration boosts the security of your entire organization.

According to Techopedia, systems integration is “engineering process or phase concerned with joining different subsystems or components as one large system.”

When you integrate your keyless entry system with your phone system, or surveillance system, now you can receive alerts via phone when an unauthorized person attempts to access your entryway. Or your surveillance and keyless entry system can work together to provide a thorough record of whoever comes and goes from your building.

Systems integration has key benefits that will directly improve your business. This can include accessible data, increased productivity, easier system administration, installation and maintenance savings, and a more secure IT network and building.

Choose the Right Keyless Entry Contractor.

Your keyless entry contractor has your building access control in their hands. Choosing the wrong contractor means degraded building security, less control over your entryways, and possible safety risks to your employees.

Choosing the right keyless entry contractor can make a huge difference for your business. So choose the right contractor. Choose Medlin Communications.

At Medlin Communications we believe in doing our best for our clients every single time. We prioritize our clients’ needs, no matter the size of the business, or integration needs. Are you ready to have the best keyless entry system installed?

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