When you own a commercial building, burglaries are a constant worry. As a low voltage contractor in Chicago, we understand your concerns. Chicago is a big city and it’s by no means burglary-proof. Have you ever taken a step back and analyzed your building from the point of view of a burglar?

Burglars usually don’t pick buildings randomly; they like to pick easy targets. Is your building an easy target? Or would a burglar pass you by? To understand if your building is a target, it helps to understand exactly why a burglar would strike in the first place.


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Target Difficulty

Some factors that go into the difficulty of a target are quite obvious, but others are subtler. For example, obviously displayed security cameras are a large deterrent. But other factors that deter burglars are the size of the business. Small commercial businesses are more likely to be a target due to the amount of resources they have to track down a burglar. A larger business means a larger team of lawyers and more resources to put into tracking down a burglar.

Twenty-four-hour stores that have a constant employee presence are at the lowest risk for burglaries. After all, you have constant witnesses around at all times of day. Most burglaries take place after business hours or overnight.

Luckily as a commercial business you’re already a slightly more difficult target. Non-residential buildings make up only 35% of burglaries.

To prevent burglaries, a low voltage contractor in Chicago can help your business become as difficult a target as possible. This can involve placing visible surveillance cameras out of reach of vandals and in strategic spots where their view won’t be blocked by lights, bushes, or other obstructions.

A low voltage contractor in Chicago can also help provide you with different alarm systems. Oftentimes having one visible, or just keeping the company’s sticker on your front door, can be a huge deterrent to burglars.


Value of Items to Steal

The likelihood of a burglar targeting your business is also reliant on what items are within your store. Pharmacies with desirable drugs are often burglarized, as are stores that specialize in expensive items that are easily concealed.

The acronym CRAVED can be used to discern how desirable your goods are. CRAVED stands for concealable, removable, available, valuable, enjoyable, and disposable. The best goods for a burglar are easily taken and easily resold. Essentially, if they aren’t receiving enjoyment from the items, then they’ll be resold for additional value.

While a low voltage contractor in Chicago can’t help you change what you sell, they can help you provide security systems to accommodate the value of your items. For example, if your commercial building holds highly-desired drugs or items like iPods or cell phones, you’ll need to boost your security compared to a grocery store.


Surrounding Area

What’s the area surrounding your store like? Are you in a low or high-income area? How often are the police patrolling your neighborhood? Are there people walking by at most times of the day?

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Burglars also select their targets based on the area surrounding the business. Low-income neighborhoods tend to have higher crime rates, but oftentimes a slightly higher police presence as well. Burglars like to target businesses that are slightly isolated, with minimal foot traffic, and little to no police presence. If your building has easy access to the highway, you’ve also increased the risk of becoming a target as it provides potential burglars with an easy escape route.

Low voltage contractors in Chicago can provide you with security systems that accommodate for your neighborhood. If you have minimal foot traffic, but are attempting to draw in more, you need your building to appear friendly to customers, but also have high-level security to protect it after hours. Customizable security solutions are crucial to protecting your business comprehensively.


Number of Times Burglarized

Unfortunately, once you’ve been burglarized once, you’re more likely to be burglarized again. A burglary marks your store as an easy target. And since burglaries are the least likely to be resolved with a happy outcome- i.e. an arrest of the burglar, burglars are happy to target you again.

If you’ve had a burglary committed at your store, don’t assume you’re safe since the incident is done with. You’re now more likely to be burglarized again. If you’ve been burglarized recently, don’t wait to call a low voltage contractor in Chicago. They can help you step up your security before an incident happens again.


Building Entry Tactics

Most burglars usually enter buildings by picking locks, opening unsecured windows and doors, or climbing through fire escapes or skylights. Sometimes burglars will use more destructive methods like forcing in doorways, breaking windows, or the rare “ram raid.” A ram raid is when a burglar drives a car through the glass window panes, steals what they can and then drives away.

However, burglars aren’t always destructive. Sometimes it can even be hard to tell if you’ve been burgled unless you enter your building. Sneakier burglars will acquire a key to your front door, either by stealing one from an employee or making a copy. If an employee has lost a key recently, it’s a good idea to have your locks changed.

A low voltage contractor in Chicago can help you secure all entry points to your building with a keyless entry system. A keyless entry system takes away the security risk of keys, limits who is able to enter your building, and provides you with a record of exactly who is entering and exiting your building at all times.

Don’t risk a lost key costing you your business. Switch to keyless entry with the help of a low voltage contractor in Chicago.


Low Voltage Contractors Prevent Burglaries

Burglaries can cost commercial businesses a lot of money. Repeated burglaries can cause businesses to take drastic measure or even shut down. Burglaries dishearten employees, make for an unsafe work atmosphere, and take away from the financial viability of your business. Let your low voltage contractor in Chicago prevent your business from being burgled before a burglar gets a chance.

Better access control, surveillance cameras, and security systems will make your business a difficult target and prevent a burglary from happening. Medlin prides itself on its access control, surveillance cameras, and security solutions. As a quality low voltage contractor, we’ll help you secure your business before it’s too late.

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