Do you know who’s entering your building?

When you don’t have great access control you leave your building open to the public and that means increased safety concerns. Do newly fired employees still have access to your building? Would you be aware if a known criminal was knocking at the door to your business? Are you in the type of area where you would leave your car unlocked? No?

Then don’t leave your business unlocked either.

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Unauthorized Visitors

Low quality access control means leaving your building open to just about anyone. In the hustle and bustle of a busy day, it’s pretty easy to walk right by the front desk or sign in with a fake name.

Unauthorized visitors to your building means that you don’t have any control over who is entering and exiting your building. Are they known criminals? Do you have any way of documenting who’s inside your building?

Unauthorized visitors to your building can cause big problems in an emergency situation. After all, people who have been banned from your building will find it easy to come back in without access control.


Safety Concerns

Schools, universities, businesses, and retail stores are concerned with the safety of their employees and customers. Too often are commercial buildings the victims of robberies for building owners to be comfortable without access control.

If there was an emergency in your neighborhood or inside your building, would you be able to lock down the office? Would you have any way of stopping someone from entering or locking someone inside? If not, you’re leaving yourself open to huge safety concerns.

When your business doesn’t have access control able to keep the right people out and the right people in, then your building security and the safety of your employees is at risk.


Lack of Information Control

Data security and data privacy are huge concerns for all businesses. It seems that every day we hear about a security breach on the news. Most of the time, these breaches in data security are via cyberattack, such as malware, hackers, or ransomware. But that doesn’t mean we should discount the type of security breach that can walk into your store on their own two feet.


Ready to get the right system installed? Get a free spec and quote for your  project.

Axis Door Stations Keep Your Building Safe.

Medlin-installed Axis door stations combine high quality installation with the best in building access control. Their high-tech features keep your property and employees safe. Axis door stations allow you to protect all entry and exit points without leaving your customers. The stations feature a doorbell combined with a video camera that can be answered via remote entry control.

Axis door stations are designed with flexibility in mind. These stations are meant to be integrated with video cameras and IP phone solutions to create a comprehensive security system that protects what needs to be protected.


Push Button Calling

Have you ever been in the middle of an important conversation and missed the sound of someone at the door or the delivery man knocking at the loading dock? Axis door stations feature push button calling that enables you to answer the door quickly and seamlessly, increasing building security and productivity at the same time.

The network video door station by Axis allows the push button to bring up a video view of who’s at your door. For example, a busy retail store employee can’t leave their customers in the middle of the busiest time of day. But when the delivery guy comes to the loading dock, he needs to be let inside or risk losing your delivery or making him late.

With Axis door stations, you can use a smartphone app or IP phone to answer the door without leaving your customers. All your delivery man has to do is push the button, bringing up a live video feed from the doorbell on your phone and allowing you to see who’s asking for entry. With the push of a button you’ll be able to let him inside without leaving your customers.


Two-Way Communication

Axis door stations also come with two-way communication, allowing you to communicate with whoever’s at your door. Did an unscheduled delivery appear? Or the man at the loading dock isn’t your usual delivery guy? You can use Axis door stations to ask him who he is or tell him to hang on a minute while you come over in person.

Two-way communication with Axis door stations allows you the ease of remote communication without decreasing security. Calls are relayed to control centers in real time without any delay. That means no waiting for your delivery man.

But what if you work in an office park. You can’t risk leaving your clients out in the cold without any form of communication from you. However, you work with sensitive information and can’t leave your door open all the time. All a visitor to your office park has to do is push the button, allowing the receptionist to answer the call with a friendly greeting, verify who he is through the video camera, and buzz him in via remote entry.

No waiting, no hassle. Axis door stations improves your business one visitor at a time.


The Benefit of Safety Features

There comes a day in every manager or owner’s life when they have to let an employee go. Sometimes, that won’t necessarily end on good terms. When that happens, you need to be sure you have a way to handle the situation should an ex-employee return to your place of work with malicious intentions.

Axis door stations give you better access control so you can rest easy, no matter the situation. They give you the option of verifying identities, personally choosing who enters and exits the building, and can allow you to keep a record of who’s on your property.

If you’re ready to enhance your safety offerings today, give Medlin Communications a call. We’ll be able to properly install your Axis door stations so you get the most out of your access control solution.