Over 30 Years of Doing Things Right

the First Time.

Who We Are

Medlin Communications started in 1986, when Jay Medlin first launched his business as an independent contractor.

In those early days, Jay installed phones, cabling, and paging systems for several local technology companies. He always did so with the mentality that doing the job right mattered, and he wouldn’t stop until things worked the way they were expected to – an approach that his customers appreciated.

The company grew on a referral basis from jobs well done, and in 1989, Medlin Communications incorporated and began to operate as a full-service interconnect company, providing products and commercial systems integrator services directly to small-to-medium sized business customers in the Chicagoland area.

As time progressed, Medlin Communications continued to add manufacturer relationships to broaden the scope of products and services offered to customers while maintaining a core commitment to quality. In 1996, we signed on with Lucent Technologies/Avaya to offer our flagship voice platform. Soon after, we expanded our product lines to include brands like Toshiba, Xorcom, Adtran, and Axis, and many others.

Today, Medlin Communications is a leading commercial systems integrator and boasts an inside staff of professionals with more than 100 years’ combined experience in the telecommunications industry and has served over 3,000 customers nationwide.

We’ve grown over the years, but we still treat each job with the same intentional, detail-oriented approach that ensures things are done right, the first time.

We don’t cut corners, and we don’t make excuses. We just do the job the right way so that your systems work.

How We Do It

Our Triple-A Process


We comprehensively review your IT infrastructure to understand potential building system pain points and your business needs.


We present a roadmap toward the best solution, giving you multiple options based on your business’ needs.


We implement systems seamlessly, ensuring that all unified building systems are working and the job is done right.

If it's Medlin's Process the Job is Finished.

If there’s one thing that customers praise us for at Medlin, it’s our ability to see a project through to every last detail. They know that when we’re associated with any job, they don’t have to worry about surprises a week or two later. It just gets done right the first time, so you can move your business forward.