There’s a lot to consider when you move offices. You’re not just moving furniture, but you’re moving your entire company culture, employees, parking – and, oftentimes, you’re expanding. This means creating a new office space with a new feel. Using a professional IT relocation service means one less thing to worry about in the middle of a move.

Professional IT relocation can have many benefits—not the least of which is reduced stress on your part. Check out these four benefits of professional IT relocation.

Minimize Downtime

The first day in your new office is a big day. If the movers haven’t finished moving your office furniture yet, employees could be sitting in the middle of a half-finished office, working off of just the basics. The last thing you want is to get to your new office on Monday morning and discover that your internet was not installed yet, or that something went wrong with the server installation and several important files have been corrupted.

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Avoid the risks of DIY. Hiring professional IT relocation services means that your systems have already been setup and tested by the time your employees move in. You won’t have to worry about properly setup and timely installation when the professionals have already tested everything the day before and reassured you that it’s all ready to go.

An office move is disruptive enough. Without professional IT relocation, you run the risk of increasing downtime for employees, who may be trying to meet the deadlines of clients. More downtime for your office means less productivity – and that hurts your bottom line.

Reduce Risk of Lost Files

When a professional IT relocation company de-installs and re-installs your system, there will be less risk of losing files as compared to having an administrative assistant or your existing IT department attempt to take it all apart. Your administrative assistant doesn’t have the experience. Your IT department won’t have as much time to dedicate to your project and will be juggling the dismantling and installing on top of their normal work.

Take the pressure off your staff. When professional IT relocation services dismantle and install your server, they’ll be able to dedicate 100% of their time to the project and have the experience to know how to work with the system properly.

Cohesive System Integration

With the appropriate professional IT relocation team, you won’t have to worry about your VoIP system not connecting to your internet or your remote access control not properly hooking up to the security system. The right professional IT relocation team will install your IT systems as one cohesive unit.

The right team will also test all systems before your first day on location. There will be no surprises on your first day, as you’ll know that all systems are up and running before you get there. If your IT relocation team only works on the internet and servers, mission critical systems could be left out.

Also, if separate teams integrate each component, you could run the risk of miscommunication between each unit. For example, perhaps the internet and server are up and running, but the security system hasn’t been set up to back up to the internet. With the right professional IT relocation team, each system will be fully integrated into the others. This means no miscommunication between units and no worries.

Simplified Design and Install

Imagine working on the big office move all week long and then having to come onto location on the weekends to supervise or set up the IT systems – then having to jump right back in on Monday to provide damage control for any IT issues from the weekend.

It sounds exhausting.

Professional IT relocation services can simplify the design of your IT systems and the installation of the systems. They’ll take it completely out of your hands so that you don’t have to worry about it. A well-established professional IT relocation company has the experience to know the best design for your system and the best way to install it.

Secure Transportation

If you’re attempting to handle your own office move or are giving your IT equipment and servers to the furniture moving company, your expensive and valuable IT system could find itself bouncing around the back of a moving van, surrounded by hard filing cabinets and a metal floor—the perfect environment to create cracked screens.

Ready to get the right system installed? Get a free spec and quote for your  project.

A professional IT relocation service will know exactly how to handle your expensive computers and equipment. You won’t have to worry about cracked screens or smashed servers as the company will know how to package fragile materials for a secure transport.

Your average moving company may not know how to place monitors during transport or how to properly coil cables for minimal interference. A professional IT relocation company will know the ins and outs of IT equipment.

Use MedlinMove

With Medlin Communications’ MedlinMove, all of your IT systems will be handled with the utmost care. Systems will be designed and installed to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. Our moving services covers the move, design, and installation of not just your IT network, but also of your VoIP systems, surveillance cameras, security systems, keyless entryways, audio/video/sound, and cabling.

Don’t hesitate to call the professionals. The MedlinMove process will leave you with fewer worries and more time to focus on guiding your employees through the office relocation process.

Whether you’re an existing Medlin customer or brand new to us, talk to us about how MedlinMove can transform one of the most complex aspects of moving – IT relocation – into the kind of proposition that’s simple. Call us today.