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We are a Managed Technology Company that has been installing and servicing the Chicagoland Area for more than 32 years.

We pride ourselves on being great at listening to our customers needs and providing cost-effective solutions.

Connect and protect your business so you can focus on your customers needs.

About Medlin’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Model

There is no return on your investment when you purchase technology hardware… more than pulling that car off the lot from the dealer your brand new technology is worth pennies on the dollar and you still need to pay for Configuration Changes, Upgrades, Break Fix Items with employee salaries plus benefits or expensive outsourced vendor plans… this methodology is a capital expense which is depreciated over a period of time… maybe not the best use of cash that can be utilized for business growth.

The Solution… Medlin has a plan that will assess your present technology usage and create a roadmap to get you current and ready for future growth.

Medlin’s plan is to provide your company with a solution that bundles the Hardware, Configuration Changes, Upgrades, and Break-Fix Items into a budgetable monthly number eliminating hardware purchases and the hiring of employees with benefits or expensive outside vendors plans. You don’t own a depreciating asset or have the liability of additional W2 employees or another vendor to manage… this plan is an Operational Expense that is written off each and every month and preserves cash that can be used for business growth.

of Hardware
as a Service


HaaS services can save businesses from the ever-rising cost of Technology infrastructure and create a budgetable amount for hardware, software, and support.

One-Stop Solution

Your Business pays one company once a month for all Hardware, Software, and Management of the technology Medlin installs. 

Proactive Service Model

HaaS uses a business model that is built on the value premises of delivering customer service effectively. It offers reliability with a robust hardware systems and infrastructural support round the clock. 

Enhanced Business Security

Businesses are more secure with recovery plans and system upgrades whenever the need arises. It provides a sustainable Technology infrastructure system that can withstand security threats and enables the company to function without any service disruption or with minimum downtime. 


Business growth and system scalability go hand-in-hand with HaaS, future Technology infrastructural expansion or upgrading can be done with ease. Enterprises no longer have to worry about scaling up their Technology infrastructure in the near future to stay current. They no longer have to worry about the huge capital expenditure in its Technology upgrades as the HaaS solution encapsulates all such costs. 

Below are the plans that on average seem to work for most businesses that we have worked with over our 32 years in business… Let Medlin design a customized Managed solution for your business

Data Network Connectivity


This is an all-inclusive package that provides Hardware, Firmware, Installation, Service, and Maintenance with all of the features listed and more! 

*Subject to availability Broaband Bandwidth is included in this price billed separately*

Starting at

(1) Cisco Meraki Firewall
  • Advanced Security License
  • Web Search Filtering
  • Content filtering
  • Advanced malware protection
  • Up To 50 Client VPN’s
(1) 16 port PoE
  • Connect up to 16 users & provide power to IP telephone sets
Weekly Network Vulnerability Scans
  • Identify threats to all systems connected to the network
  • Detailed reporting ranks issues alerting you to high impact vulnerabilities

Voice and Video Communications


This is an all-inclusive package that provides Hardware, Software, Installation, Service, and Maintenance with all of the features listed and more!

*Subject to availability Local/Long Distance plans are included in this price billed separately*

Starting at

(12) Business Class IP Telephones
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps – Work from anywhere, anytime!
  • Collaboration tools including video conferencing, screen sharing & chat!
  • Microsoft Teams Integration!
  • Call Center Applications with Wallboards & Reporting!
Over 100 Telephony Features – Fully Customizable!

Building Security


This is an all-inclusive package that provides  24/7 Alarm Monitoring, Hardware, Software, Installation, Service, and Maintenance with all of the features listed and more!

Starting at

Access Control System
(2) Door Controllers with Bluetooth Readers!
  • No Touch Acccess
  • No More Lost Keys
  • Never change locks again
  • Permission based access
Video Surveillance
(2) HDTV 1080p Surveillance Cameras
  • 30 Days recorded video
  • Remote View from Mobile or any internet connected device
(1) Four Zone Intrusion System (Burglar Alarm)
  • 1 Keypad to Arm/Disarm
  • Siren Deterrent
  • Total Connect Provides Mobile Access to your system 24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Take the first step into creating a Managed Technology Plan for Your Business by simply selecting one or all of the above offers

These are just some of the challenges we have helped solve for customers that have taken advantage of Medlin’s Haas Model

  • We have to deal with too many vendors to support our technology needs.
  • My Security company is blaming my IT person for a system malfunction…we just need the problem resolved.
  • We just purchased this equipment ( Wi-Fi, Cameras, Access Control, Phones, Data Network electronics) a few years ago and were being told it’s obsolete.
  • How do we know if we are getting a good price to value from our Internet Service Provider as well as Calling Plans from AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, etc…
  • Our Sales Team either works from home or constantly travels to visit customers, how do I keep them connected as if they were in the office?
  • We simply need to give and take away Access to our buildings points of entry as employees come and go without having to track physical keys.
  • Our greatest assets are our employees, how do I help keep them safe while also monitoring costly inventory?
  • How do we choose a surveillance system that fits our needs?
  • Why is our network so slow?
  • Does proper cabling make a difference in how our technology preforms?
  • Can there be too much traffic on our Wi-Fi causing connection issues?
  • What does a disaster/recovery plan look like? How can I keep employees connected in a hardware or network outage quickly?

Take a look at some of the Awesome feedback from customers we have been lucky enough to work with

Markets We Serve


Medlin specializes in incorporating the Internet of Things (IOT) for medium to large manufacturing facilities with one or multiple locations across the USA. We comply with safety regulations on the production floor and adjust work hours to accommodate proper maintenance hours of service to be preformed. The facilities need strong security systems, great network connectivity to production machinery, and great communications systems between employees and customers.

Corporate Offices

With Medlin's ability to navigate the technology needed to support remote workers or multi-site locations we have a large base of corporate customers such as Insurance, Law, Marketing, and Accounting firms just to name a few that we are proud to support. We are experts at connecting remote offices with Voice, Data, and Security solutions with easy to manage dash boards.


We have been partnering with our retail clients for more than two decades. We have a firm understanding of PCI compliance which is of the utmost importance when dealing with Point of Sale transactions. Medlins ability to navigate POS, Security, and Building Management systems make partnering with Medlin a solid choice.

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